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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I love me a good oversized sweater. It’s comfy, it’s casual and it’s cute! For me, I think this look works best when the sweater does have something a little special to it. This makes it look more “I put effort in my outfit but I’m comfy” instead of “I’ve just been on a 12 hour flight”.

I think this sweater ticks the “special” box since it’s a unique neon colour. It’s kind of a pastel neon! And whenever I wear it, someone comments about the cheery colour. I also think it’s a teensy bit flattering because it’s more of a cropped length so it doesn’t entirely swallow my short stature.

Aside from the sweater, I like the oversized look in lot’s of things - including this purse. It’s really just a basic tote bag but I love that it’s genuine leather, black (aka stain-resistant and super chic) as well as simple. It’s the type of bag that fits everything and also goes with everything.

Probably much more versatile than my pastel neon sweater ;)

Then the rest of the outfit is super simple. Skinny jeans and worn-in white sneakers.

Comfy casual. And perfect for my little outing to the zoo!

I love the zoo but some of the animals do sometimes seem sad. I think certain species just can’t be happy in captivity. While I do think this is an issue, I still support the zoo because it does a lot of good. A lot of good in terms of educating the public and making animals, nature and wildlife a tangible thing for people.

I think they’re able to educate about more than just animals: it’s about our relationship with nature, what’s beyond our neighbourhood, the effects of climate change and the importance of knowing that we share our planet. While the zoo isn’t 100% good, I hope it affects people, especially kids, and teaches them to be compassionate and considerate about things outside their normal worlds.

So yeah, I wore neon to the zoo and thought about the sad parts and the benefits of wildlife in captivity.

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