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Outfit Boredom

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The reality is that in the winter, most outfits look the same: especially when you’re re-wearing the same winter coat, shoes and outerwear accessories. I’ve got two coats that I alternate and have been a little obsessed with this Aritzia wool scarf, which makes me feel like my outfits look identical.

It’s not a bad thing! I’m glad that I’m getting the wear out of the clothes that I actually own. I think the only downside for me is that sometimes it feels a little uninspiring- like I want to switch things up a bit but equally don’t feel the need for a new outerwear item. I think I need to make more of an effort to get creative with what I'm wearing underneath the coat. It’s easy for me to throw on a sweater and jeans and my go-to shoes, but I feel like if I’m looking at my closet and layering more creatively, I’ll have more fun with my wardrobe.

But here, I’m wearing my go-tos.

I’m wearing thrifted dark wash skinnies that are the comfiest stretchiest denim. These jeans are my favourite when it’s cold because no ankle shows and I can tuck them into my boots.

Paired with a thrifted chunky knit cargo green sweater and my black booties (that are my most-worn shoes to date). The lighter neutrals of my coat and scarf lighten up the look and keep me warm and cozy!

So closet boredom is a thing for me too, but it doesn’t mean I want to run out and go shopping.

I’ve talked about the question of stylistic limitations in terms of a minimal closet on the blog before. I don’t think my closet is limiting me - I think it’s A) my mindset and go-to uniform style and B) the cold weather. I’m looking forward to it warming up and being able to wear different shoe styles and more outerwear options! Because having more options will mean having more fun picking out what to wear.

Are you done with the winter and cold-weather dressing too?



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