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Only 2: Minimalism Chat

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I posted a list of things I only own 1 of a little while back and I mentioned that I wanted to go about the same idea but focus on categories where I own 2 things. Here goes:


Highlighter is one of the makeup items that I actually use everyday. Right now I’m really loving using a liquid highlight on my cheeks and then my mini Becca powder highlight becomes more of an eyeshadow (unless I want to amp up the drama and double up highlights on the cheeks). I find that keeping my highlights to 1 liquid and 1 powder is a manageable amount of product that I will actually be able to use up before they expire.

Scented Candles

I love a good scented festive candle, but honestly throughout the year I’m not too inclined to light candles. I’ve been slowly going through my candles and after these two, I’ll only be purchasing one festive candle around the holidays. While candles are a great way to add ambiance and decor, I just don’t get enough value from them to justify the cost and materiality of them (ie. they’re not the most sustainable, especially since I normally donate or recycle the jars after use).

Pictured: Hamilton Candle, Pecksniff candle

Bathing Suits

I have two swimsuits yet I almost never go swimming. The only reason I own two is because when a situation does arise, having 2 is useful so that one has time to dry while I wear the other. Clearly in terms of style I really enjoy a more “retro” look. I have a one-piece that is polka doted with a scooped back and a gingham bikini that has high waisted bottoms and a balconette-style top.


Having 2 belts allows me all the variety I would need. Both are waist-length belts which work for me because I wear normally high-waisted bottoms or a dress that I could cinch at the waist. I also chose almost opposite colours: a beige-pink and a black with gold hardware. These are both great neutrals that go with any outfit I can imagine.

Pictured: similar beige belt


If you told my previously stationary-addicted self that I would only own 2 notepads I would’ve laughed! I do love a cute little stationery item but realistically, I don’t need it (or really use them that often). Once I work through these 2 notepads I’m not going to purchase any others because I tend to gravitate towards notebooks or just simply use the notes app on my phone.


The logic behind owning 2 scarves is the same as my belts: one light (tan beige) and one dark (black). They’re actually the same style of scarf from aritzia and I love how simple and good quality (100% wool) they are. Once I find something I love, I stick to it and these scarves are no different. After getting these 2 (not at the same time!), I gifted and donated my others because I frankly didn’t need any more than these ones.

It seems that this “only 2” list involves a lot more style-related items. I find that in my closet, having one lighter coloured item and one darker one is generally enough to satisfy my need for variety in getting dressed. I wonder if I’ll ever get there with denim though, reducing to only 1 light wash and one dark wash!? I’m not quite that minimal yet!

What are some categories where you only of 2? Is 2 enough or too much? Let me know in the comments below!


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