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Only 1: minimalism chat

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’m pretty sure Sarah Therese coined this concept of listing and explaining things she only owns 1 of as a minimalist. While I’m not a minimalist (doing my best- okay), I do feel like I have some unique items to add to that list.

PS. her youtube videos are great, she’s a fellow Canadian and well, I love her aesthetic. So if you want to check her out, here’s her Insta and channel.

I only own one… concealer & foundation

Now this is sometimes annoying when I get a tiny bit of a tan, but 99% of the year my skin is pasty so I don’t really feel the need to own different shades. My foundation is also a powder foundation which is incredibly forgiving and I can use regardless if my skin tans a little in the summer months! Right now I’m using the Nars creamy concealer and the Nude by Nature powder foundation.

I only own one… pair of leggings

I know, right?! Had you told my past self this a year ago I would’ve been shocked. But the truth of the matter is that when I finally purchased my ideal leggings that I had been wanting for around 10 years, I didn’t need any of the others. I wanted a pair that was high waisted, a thicker material and had pockets on the side to fit my phone. I finally bought a pair that checked all those boxes at Lululemon this year (and on sale) and then I never needed the other pairs I was hoarding. Quality over quantity my friends.

I only own one… scrunchie

While I do have a few “seamless” hair ties, I only own one scrunchie which I wear most days since it reduces the amount of damage and tightness when I put my hair up at home. I bought a high quality black one from Kit & Ace (a Canadian brand!) which does the job. While colourful and patterned scrunchies are super cute and trendy, they just don’t go with everything and risk going out of style. A simple black one is something I don’t think I’ll get tired of, even when I wear it everyday.

I only own one… pair of mittens

Honestly it’s because most mittens feel gigantic on me! These were the first mittens I tried on that actually fit slim to my hands and that I feel like I can actually pick things up while wearing them. No need to keep any other pair since these are the best fitting ones. They have started pilling already which is disappointing but I do love the quirky dinosaur print on them!

Those are a few things that I only own 1 of… I’m thinking of doing a similar iteration with items that I own 2 of (which seems to be more common as I was looking around my place looking for items for this post). What are some things that you only own 1 of? Would you prefer to own 2? For me, being minimal doesn’t mean reducing to the bear minimum, but rather, owning items that I can consistently use and that add value to my life… so in some instances have 2 is better than 1!

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