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Online Shopping Chronicles

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This outfit contains 1 online shopping fail and one success. To be honest, I didn't really shop online ever until I went to university because I always preferred to try things on in-store and it was easy to get to wherever I needed to go. At uni, things were different because it was a new city, a not-so-great public transit system and I was pretty far away from thrift stores and the mall.

Nowadays, I've resorted back to in-store shopping because I think I'm more successful at choosing things that fit and last in my wardrobe (which means it's got way less turnover, is more sustainable and minimal!). I don't regret that I've shopped online, but I've learnt a lot and have decided - it's probably just better that I walk into a physical store.

Unfortunately, a lot of ethical and sustainable retailers don't have brick and mortar stores (or they do, but not in a location that's near me). It's one of the reasons that I shy away from trying really cool ethically and locally made clothing because I just don't know if the fit will work, exchange rates will apply, etc. That's one of the reasons I choose to thrift instead: because it is sustainable, inexpensive and there are many thrift stores near me.

Back to the point: online shopping. Can you guess which piece is the fail and which one is the success?

For me, the top is the fail: I got it on super sale from Aritzia last winter and didn’t think it would be quite so sheer. Realistically, I shouldn’t have made such an impulse buy during sale season. I justified it because I was looking for a tight fitting, good quality turtleneck all winter (with no luck at the thrift store) but that’s no reason to go nuts during a sale. With a nude bra it’s alright, but I really wanted something a little more substantial. On the bright side- I love the fit, colour and fabric so it stayed in my closet for over a year. I’m hoping to consign it and find something thicker that works better in my overall wardrobe. Guys, learn from my mistake: don’t shop the winter sales for your capsule closet (unless it’s an item you tried on and know works ahead of time).

The success is this suede cross body purse from H&M! I got it from the premium line at H&M and the quality feels incredible: the hardware is heavy, it’s made of real suede and the colour looks classy. I’m also super glad that it has gold hardware. I’ve been wanting a more “luxe” handbag that just feels a little more special than my beat-up thrifted cross body purse that I normally wear and this fit the bill. I find that a purse can really change the vibes of an outfit and I’m really glad that I can incorporate this one into more put-together outfits.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Do you prefer online or in-store shopping? Have you figured out your sizing to a T in order to ensure the items you order fit perfectly? Do you just know what cuts and brands work for you? Lemme know in the comments below!



Burgundy Turtleneck: Aritzia, similar

Levis skinnies: thrifted (I also cut off the hem and folded it over), similar

H&M crossbody purse: similar

Black Vintage chelsea boots: thrifted, Couldn’t find anything similar with the brown detailing!

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