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One Outfit, Three Ways

Over the holidays, I was gifted a brown fuzzy sweater and my mom was like "finally, something other than black or white!" Isn't it funny that brown can become a "pop of colour" when our wardrobes become a sea of shades. I think my wardrobe is varied, but maybe it doesn't translate that way.

So I figured I would style my favourite shade to wear: black; and see how a basic black outfit can be shuffled into different looks! The base? A black tight turtleneck and black (faux) leather leggings.

This first look is just the addition of a blazer. I think outerwear is a great way to change up a basic outfit... and it's probably one of the largest categories in my wardrobe. It's definitely something that I want to simplify in the future but there's just something about cardigans, blazers, jackets and coats that I'm so drawn to!

In this second look, I added a sweater vest tunic on top to have a chunkier knit texture to the outfit. With monochromatic looks, I like to play around with textures to keep things interesting. My pop of colour? An orange (gasp) bag and my favourite brown sock boots. These boots are so comfy because of the square toe and low heel but I think they make every outfit look a little bit fancy!

Finally, this last look is just an outerwear swap again. I threw on a flowy beige trench instead of a blazer and it gives off a much more casual vibe.

One thing I really like about having a wardrobe full of neutrals is that everything seems to go together. The versatility makes it super quick and easy to pick out outfits and then depending on the formality of the occasion or the vibe I want to go for, I can switch out one or two pieces. My biggest tip? To look for basics with a twist: like these leggings. While they have the comfort of a regular black cotton legging, they look a little bit different because of the leather-effect. If you like to feel stylish but still want versatile basics, I think looking out for little differences in your go-to garments is a great option.

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