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My Personal Style Journey

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I feel like personal style is an ever-evolving aspect of one’s life. As we grow, change and live life, our clothing and wardrobes adapt and change as well. I thought I’d let you know how my personal style has evolved over the years and where I see it moving towards from this point on.

The Then

Middle School

In middle school and high school, I loved all the trends that were popular at the time. Things like Aeropostale logo t-shirts, skater sneakers, etc. But I did tend to dress a little more “formally” than other kids my age. I enjoyed cardigans, button-downs and knee high boots (before they were cool).

I also dressed more on the girly side: with feminine dresses and skirts OR the complete opposite in leggings and oversized hoodies.

I didn't shy away from colour or pattern: I wor florals, stripes, pinks and blues.


Moving into high school, my style was not too different. I did however wear a lot of baggy hoodies with leggings and figured out my love for booties. Booties have been a constant in my closet ever since. At this point, I was wearing 1 colourful garment (like a bright turquoise or red sweater) and then everything else in my outfit would be black or a neutral.

Nearing the end of highschool, I was still dressing very feminine. I wore lot’s of florals, bright colours and my summer favourites were flowy shorts and fit and flare rompers and dresses. I liked prints a lot, but often struggled with the "I have nothing to wear" issue because I had a lot of statement pieces and no basics to pair with them.


After starting to study art at university, I began dressing in less colour. I think I attribute this to the fact that I was painting and playing with a lot of colour in my school projects and didn’t want the hassle of thinking about colours and colour schemes when choosing what I had to wear. I also started dressing a little less feminine on a day to day basis because the studios are messy and steel toed boots were mandatory - so it was just best to wear what was practical. My wardrobe started to consist more of denim and t-shirts and less of skirts and dresses.

At this point, my closet was half practical garments, half statement and girly pieces. Black clothes started to become more of the norm because I couldn't stain them in the studios and printed items were all gone (except for stripes and a couple of floral summer dresses).

On days when we had our big art critiques, I would always dress up and tended to lean towards outfits that contained a statement piece of clothing. I’m thinking specifically about my silver metallic leather jacket (what was I thinking?)!

In my last year of undergrad, minimalism and shopping locally were on my mind but I didn’t see how it was possible as a student and on a student budget. I started to be more mindful in my thrift shopping and began decluttering in order to make my soon-to-be moving out process easier.

The Now

After finishing university, I decided to pursue the more mindful approach to clothing that I had been thinking about previously.

I think my style has changed a lot since graduating. I wear much more muted colours and very little pattern. I have very little statement pieces because I found that they were hard to style and pretty limiting. I changed my mindset and wanted clothes that I wore a ton, not just a lot of statement items.

My outfits are much more tame now, and I think I prioritize comfort overall. I’m still a sweater lover and can’t wait to wear dresses and skirts in the summer (so that girly and feminine part of my style has never changed). Some things, I’ve always loved: long cardigans, scarves, booties and dresses.

I think the main change is in the quality, colour and materials I’m choosing to add to my wardrobe. Oh, and the mindset of a smaller wardrobe. That changed a lot for my personal style too.

How has your style changed and evolved over the years?



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