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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

While I may write about minimalism, living simply and capsule wardrobes - my mom isn’t all about that life. So to navigate gift giving around mother’s day (and her birthday is a few days after), I try to pick items that fall between our two worlds. I love supporting Canadian companies so I’ve been shopping at well.ca for years. They’re kind of like the Amazon for “conscious” consumption. So they have little side tabs and you can narrow your search for products that are vegan, eco-friendly, Canadian, etc. I love this feature!

Here is my round-up of mother’s day gift ideas that is available at well.ca (but also I know Indigo carries some of these items, Amazon, etc.)

This post is not sponsored and none of the links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own!

Wool dryer balls

I try to slowly push my mom into the direction of more eco-friendly living with the gifts I chose to give. But these items have to be on par or better than the current items she’s using! I bought her wool dryer balls a year or two ago for Christmas and she loves them! They're a replacement for dryer sheets and she loves that they are unscented and chemical-free.

Beeswax wraps

Well.ca carries a bunch of different brands of beeswax wraps but I can’t imagine there’s too too much a difference in quality. These are a great substitute for plastic wrap. I would say the hardest part is choosing the size. If you know your mom’s favourites, you can pick a size wrap that works for the foods she’s going to use them on! Also, if the wrap just isn’t for her, they have beeswax bags that may be a little bit less fussy!

Fancy soap

My mom loves beauty and bath items so I knew I had to include something like this. I’ve actually used a Naked Soap Company soap before and I loved that it had sesame seeds embedded inside which acts as an exfoliator. It also helps that these soaps are beautiful and smell delicious (I had a lemony one but pick whatever scent your mom loves best!).

Elate Cosmetics

Lip balm is always a safe bet and Elate cosmetics is a Canadian company from Vancouver. I’ve tried their makeup products in the past and wrote a blog post about it!. They are vegan and cruelty free and the packaging is super cute with the engraved bamboo!

Stojo collapsable cup

I’ve been using my Stojo for about a year now and I love it! I love it so much I’ve already gifted it to my sister for her birthday and I would definitely gift it to others. The Stojo comes in a few different sizes and are mostly pastel colours (but there is plain black and grey if you want). It’s completely leak-proof and I love that it folds down to be super small and I can fit it in smaller purses.


This zodiac necklace is an amazing dupe for the Mejuri astrology necklaces. I have the Mejuri ones, but had I known of this option for $44, I would’ve opted for this. It’s gold plated, so still nice quality and they have all the astrology signs available.

An experience

Obviously right now, it’s impossible to gift an experience due to self-isolation and things being closed. However, once things open up you can gift an experience to your mom! My mom loves facials or getting her nails done so I would probably gift that, but equally nice would be something your mom is really interested in (like going to see a play or a concert, etc).

Hopefully these ideas help you pick a gift for your mom this season, or provide inspiration for what you could give now or in the future!

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