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Monochromatic Basics

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’m ready for colour. That may come as a surprise since I'm wearing, black, white and denim (yet again). All of these pieces are wardrobe staples for me: a Moto jacket, a plain turtleneck, denim and a classic black boot. They’ve all had their fair share of wear (look at that assonance - call me a poet).

Anywho - sometimes wardrobe staples get over-worn. Since they're always on rotation, they get a little boring. So, whenever this happens, I try to tuck them away for a week or two. If you’re doing the capsule wardrobe thing and they are off-season items - store them for several months! When you take them out again, they become new and exciting!

Since I’m getting tired of the monochromatic nature of my basics, I'm ready to start injecting the colourful items that I already own (but that are mainly composed of summery pieces).

I’m not sure why I don’t own many colourful winter items - possibly because winter clothes are more expensive and I usually want to invest in classic items that won’t go out of style. So no Pantone-colour-of-the-year items for me!

Maybe though, next year I’ll think about a bright coloured sweater to add to the capsule.

Some items I’m excited to bring out are a new-to-me yellow crop top, my favourite red wrap top and my ES Clydes (which are a warm toned brown). All of these items are a little bit more colourful and will jazz up my other basics.

Mainly - I’m just ready to put away my grey wool coat for the year and start wearing lighter outerwear and brightening up my wardrobe. I’m pretty sure the groundhog decided Spring was going to come early right?



P.S. Upon researching this, I realized that there are several groundhogs from various locations that make predictions and so, there are some saying spring and some saying winter. But let’s go with what Mister Wiarton Willie the groundhog said and assume that Spring is on its way).

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