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Mirror Selfies, Sherpa, Slippers & More

As some of you may know, for the last little while I've been having major set-backs with taking outfit photos on a regular basis. Now, there is no real excuse other than my perfectionism stopping me - I could've definitely been more consistent, but the photos just weren't turning out how I like (lighting, background, etc... - there was always something that I felt was "off"). Well, guys - I think I've finally figured out the solution for consistent, nice lighting outfit photos regardless of the weather outside or having someone available to take a photo. Insert the mirror selfie!

(Please ignore the dust - I will make sure to dust my mirror next time!)

I've been hunting for a nice big mirror for about a year and a half now and I finally found one that fit my budget and style - at Homesense! (Love me some homesense goodnes) So behold - a mirror outfit photo that actually has nice lighting! I'm so pleased! I'll have to test this set up during a more dreary or rainy day but so far I'm thinking this will be the perfect way to be more consistent with my outfit photos. The only drawback is that I may not always be wearing proper shoes... i'm imagining my Poppy Barley slippers are going to make a lot of appearances.

An aside: If you like these slippers and use my referral link here - you'll get 10% off a purchase of $100 or more and i'll receive a $25 credit to use at Poppy Barley - That referral link is not because I blog - anyone who has a customer account on the website has a referral link to share with their friends! And P.P.S I bought the slippers with my own money (no referral credits, no discount) and I think they're worth the splurge - and they're on sale right now too! The product name in "the Cabin shoe in the colour Sand Suede. Aside over.

In any case, back to today's outfit. I'm wearing some grey skinnies, a cream coloured turtleneck sweater and my Ganna jacket (the infamous Ganna from Aritzia). Honestly though, one thing I've realized about myself is that instead of purchasing a "budget" item or settling for something I find secondhand - I should just buy the ACTUAL item I want (that I like the fit of, colour, quality, etc.). I remember when "shackets" became a trend, I purchased a cheaper version from H&M and while I loved the look of it, it wasn't very warm (inexpensive material) and pilled super quickly! So it was kind of a waste of money. I should've just saved that money and waited to purchase the item I actually wanted. I tend to fall into that trap over and over again. I remember in undergrad, I couldn't bring myself to splurge on Lululemon leggings and would instead buy cheaper $30 leggings every 6 months. My lulu's that I bought 2-3 years ago are still in perfect condition - so had I just invested in a quality item from the start, I would've saved much more money and it would've been more conscious in general. So that's my two cents on that front. It's better to purchase high quality if the item is a classic that will last.

And last but not least, the also infamous Lululemon "sherpa" belt bag. Now, I've been wearing the nylon belt bag (in black) for a couple of years and it's my most-worn bag! I've turned my mother onto it and my boyfriend - it's so versatile and the perfect size. I also think the price is just right for a nice little gift. The sherpa version is a little more trendy (although sherpa's been around a few years now) and I like that it adds a bit of texture to an outfit. Definitely a love-it or hate-it item but I think it's fun!

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