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Minimalist Purse: The Fanny Pack

Throughout this year, I haven't needed to carry around a purse most days. When I leave the house it's either for work or for small essential errands and I don't need to lug around a bunch of stuff. I never thought I'd say this, but I've been converted to being a fanny pack user. I guess if we want to sound "fashion" we can call it a "belt bag." But regardless of what you call this contraption... it's just really convenient.

I love to dress comfortable and this year has really meant that I've prioritized comfort and convenience in my purchases. Case and point: this bag and these boots. Personally, these items aren't my "normal" style (although what the heck does that mean - if I'm wearing it, then it's my style, right?).

This bag is just so easy. I don't have to worry about a bag falling off my shoulder, since it's securely on my body and there's just the right amount of space for what I need to carry.

What I keep in my bag:

-Hand cream (just a small tube)

-Hand sanitizer

-Mask (in the separate zipper pocket on the back of the bag)

-Card wallet


-Lip balm


And that's it... I don't have any extras: no notebook, pen, extra backup pen, band-aids, lint roller, giant wallet, receipts... the list could go on. In my bigger purses I tend to collect just-in-case items. But the small size of this belt bag really allows me pare down and carry just what I need. It also makes it easy to find what I need (ie. my wallet) when I need it, since I don't have to riffle through a giant purse. Now, I don't wear my bag around my waist, mostly because I think it would get away with my winter coats. Wearing it across my chest means it's secure, easy to access and I don't find it gets in the way! Sometimes I wear it over my jacket, sometimes under! I think a smaller bag size just requires a minimalist approach. Especially if it's a belt bag, since its harder to overstuff it without noticing.

On a slightly different note, these black heeled blundstones are another addition that stemmed from comfort over style. I find that this pair is even more comfortable than my flat brown version (review here). I'm assuming they feel more comfortable because of my foot shape and the tiny heel is just better support for me rather than a flat shoe. The other perk? The black colour really goes well with a lot of my outfits. So there we have it, now we can add these blunnies and fanny packs as part of my personal style...

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