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Minimalism Chat: Owning Multiples

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It’s finally warming up enough to pack away wool sweaters and ditch my winter parka and I couldn’t be more excited. Soon you’ll be getting sick of seeing me wear the same (fake) leather jacket because I wear it 9 times out of 10 during the spring season.

I actually have two black moto jackets (excessive much?) but I justify the craziness because they serve two different purposes.

One is thinner and very cropped. This means it pairs really nicely with dresses and skirts (so that not all shape is lost with a flowy dress and a boxier jacket). It also has silver hardware which stands out.

The cropped jacket pairs nicely with skirts and dresses.

My other jacket is longer, thicker and has more design details. It has black hardware (so it looks a little more sleek) and has a ribbing kind of effect on the sleeves. This jacket is one that works better in autumn since it is heavier weight (warmth!) and pairs well with sweaters and knits (because the hem ends where a sweater would).

Literally wearing almost the identical outfit as above. But this time with the longer, warmer moto jacket.

Is it a little excessive to have two black Moto jackets? Probably. But do I get the wear out of them? Most definitely.

Yet another (almost identical) look. Featuring the thicker jacket for the fall.

This entire outfit is essentially my uniform, so I have different iterations of all these items. But realistically, that’s what I wear! So, in my mind its totally cool to have 3 pairs of jeans in slightly different washes, boots in two different colours, several long sleeve shirts and two black jackets. Because my outfits consist of mixing and matching those items!

Do you have the same type of item in different colours or with slight variations? Do you uniform dress?



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