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Minimalism and Trends

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Trends are a huge part of the fashion cycle that drives it to be so unsustainable. It seems like a new trend pops up every month and then influencers promote that trend with fast-fashion pieces that feel like an "affordable" way to keep your closet current.

I'm on the fence with fashion trends. On the one hand, I do enjoy fashion and there are some trends that I do like and want to participate in. But on the other hand, trends are fleeting in nature and can really clutter up your closet, but most importantly contributes to the "disposability" of the fashion industry.

One great way to find trend pieces in a more sustainable way (for the earth and your closet) is at thrift stores. And if digging through racks and racks of clothing isn't your thing, consignment or resale stores are a great way to find curated and current second-hand clothing. It's a bit more pricey than going to Goodwill but it does some of the work for you if you're not an avid thrifter!

These sock boots are a trend that I'm really into right now for a few reasons:

1. They cover my ankles (since most of my denim is cropped) and keep me warm

2. I feel like they're elongating for my short legs

3. They look good with both pants and skirts (which is kind of hard to find in a boot style)

To keep this trend a little more "wearable" I stuck with a neutral warm cognac colour which I'm able to pair with almost everything in my closet. The rest of my outfit is pretty standard: denim, a ribbed turtleneck and a wool coat.

What trends have you been into lately? Or are you keeping your closet super streamlined and classic (which is probably the most minimal approach - kudos to you!)?

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