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Mejuri Review (Updated)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I reviewed Mejuri once before on the blog, but I’ve added more pieces to my collection and have also had to deal with customer service a couple of months ago. I figured now would be a great time to update you all on that customer service experience and give you my thoughts on past pieces and newer ones.

FIY: I'm not affiliated at all with Mejuri - so this is a totally honest and unbiased review. I purchased all these items with my money, or they were gifts from loved ones! None of the links are affiliate links.

Past Pieces

Dome Bracelet

Lovely lovely bracelet that I don’t wear all too often. While I love the look of the bracelet and the clasp is incredibly secure, I don’t like wearing chunkier items everyday because I think they get a little bit in the way of coat sleeves and writing, etc. I think I might wear this piece more in the warmer months, but we’ll see!

Leo Necklace

This one is definitely an all-star Mejuri piece for me. I wear it around 4 times a week, wither by itself or stacked with the starburst necklace. I love that it adds a little glimmer to my otherwise very basic neutral outfits!

Starburst Necklace

A classic dainty necklace with a star pendant.

Satellite Necklace

The Starburst and Satellite are two necklaces that were bought for me as a gift and I love pairing them together. They’re dainty and simple which is a great way to add a little interest to a crew-neck t-shirt or to a summer dress. I find that I wear these probably 2-3 times a week (basically when I’m not wearing the Leo necklace)

Boyfriend Mini Hoops

I love these hoops. At one point they were the only earrings I was wearing but now I’m pretty consistently wearing my newer sapphire hoops. I love that these earrings match once of my rings (in terms of the weight and “almost matte” gold) and the fact that they fit tight to my ear so I don’t have to worry about a delicate dangling piece of jewellery.

Customer Service Experience

Pearl Beaded Ring

This is an item I got back in June 2018 and a couple of months ago the pearl fell off. I don’t know if it was when I was washing my hands or pulling off or on my mittens when walking outside but mid-way through my school day I noticed the pearl was gone. It was really disappointing since I got it as a graduation gift and I thought it would be a classic piece I would keep for a lifetime.

I contacted Mejuri with photos and my account information and they replied the same day asking for some more details on how it happened. I explained that I didn’t really know and they responded back that it was no problem, how I should mail back the return (they provided a pre-paid return shipping label that I had to print) and I sent back the broken ring. Since this item is currently discontinued from Mejuri, they gave me store credit (that never expires) for the amount I paid for it. The whole process took less than a week!

I would like to mention that most Mejuri pieces have a 2 year warranty, so I’m sure this ring fell under that category since I’ve only had it for a year and a half. I’m not sure what Mejuri’s standard is for an item that is past the warranty period.

With that store credit, I picked up a few pieces I’ve been eyeing so let me walk you through those as well as other pieces I’ve picked up since my initial review:

Newer pieces

Boyfriend Stacker

This is a great classic gold vermeil band. I really like that it’s genderless: it’s not particularly dainty and feminine and it’s not overtly masculine. I feel like this piece is a great classic that can go with any ring stacking combination. I wear this piece 3-4 times a week. It has definitely gotten scratched but thats purely because I’m not babying it.

Double Sapphire Chain Earrings

This is one of my newest pieces which I got with the store credit from returning the broken ring. I really love how dainty these earrings are and they feel super feminine. I thought they would be a cool alternative to wearing studs in my second lobe piercing, since these are so light.

Single Coloured Mini Hoop

I bought this during the 2019 Black Friday sale and I really do enjoy this earring. I think the price is a little steep for a single earring considering you can get a necklace with several sapphires on it for the same price essentially (although these earrings are 14K solid gold whereas other pieces are vermeil). The reason I took the plunge with this one is that I wanted an earring I could leave in while I was sleeping. The hoops are comfortable, fit tight to my lobe (which I like the look of) and offers a little bit of sparkle. I also really appreciate the secure closure. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but the hoop hinges open and then has a locking mechanism. It takes a lot of effort to take them out, so I would only suggest this piece if you’re planning on leaving them on for extended periods of time.

Sapphire Hoops

Another Black Friday purchase! These sapphire hoops are essentially larger hoops with a little sapphire dangling at the bottom (do you see now how the single mini hoop is expensive considering you can get two earrings for the same price…). These hoops were actually ones that I considered returning because I’m not a huge fan of the size. I would like them better if they were bigger or smaller, but they’re kind of a medium size. However, I wear these earrings 4 times a week so I think I’m getting my moneys worth.

Honey Ring

This was a lovely little Christmas gift and I love it! Similarly to the boyfriend stacker, I love that this piece is pretty classic (with the twist of being a little bee). This is definitely a little more cutesy and feminine but I love that it’s a no-nonsense ring that doesn’t get caught on or snag sweaters and stuff. This is my most-worn ring at the moment - I wear it 5-6 times a week. Definitely a robust ring that is super cute!

Star Signet Pinky Ring

Probably my mistake purchase out of all of these… I never wear this ring. It doesn’t fit super snug on my pinky so i’m always a little afraid I’ll lose it. I love that the star motif matches some of my older necklaces, but frankly I don’t get the wear out of this one so I would not recommend. The signet front also shows scratches very easily!

Double Curb Chain Bracelet

The other item I purchased with my store credit, this is the piece that I figured would be a lifelong classic that I can now dub my “graduation gift”. It’s a very classic vermeil chain and I’m happy that it fits pretty tight to my wrist so it isn’t dangling everywhere and getting caught on things. I rarely wear bracelets, but I think this one is non-obtrusive so I think it’ll get more wear than most! So far i’m really pleased!


Wow… maybe this list is getting too long. Please bear in mind that I’ve been getting these items over a 3-year period and I purchased most with my own money but I also received several items as gifts from loved ones (I’ve indicated which ones I received as gifts under the item). I’d also like to mention that I don’t have any other brands or jewellery items aside from a few sentimental “family heirloom” items, so this is pretty much my entire jewellery collection.

One thing I love about Mejuri is that their pieces rarely get discontinued. I know that if I’m thinking about a piece, it’ll probably still be there in 6 months. Sometimes, they do discontinue items but they send out an email to let customers know, so that you can purchase it beforehand if it was on your radar. I think this system is great because jewellery is an investment and I’m glad I can take the time to think about how it’ll fit into my style and collection without the pressure of a seasonal time limit.

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