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Mejuri Review

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

FIY: This post is not sponsored and I purchased all these items with my own money or received them as gifts from friends and family. All opinions are my own!

Mejuri is a Canadian company that makes affordable luxury jewellery. The brand has beautiful dainty, minimalist gold and silver jewellery that is ethically made by jewellers from Toronto, Canada and Seoul, South Korea who commit to ethical practices. They don’t go into detail about the ethical side of things but they do talk a little more about their “crew”. Their main initiative is fair pricing: bringing quality items at an affordable cost. On each product, they compare their Mejuri price to an estimated traditional retail price.

They do free shipping on purchases over $100, free 30-day returns (in Canada) and have a 24 month warranty.

The brand is all over social media. It’s been partnering and gifting lovely jewellery pieces to content creators and influencers. One thing I appreciate about shopping on their website is that each piece’s webpage shows images from Instagram of real people styling that particular piece. Sometimes I find this more helpful than the photos of the model because you get to see how the jewellery piece looks in different lights and how it looks from a distance, etc.

I discovered Mejuri when I was looking online for a jewellery brand that fit my personal style and wasn’t super expensive. I wanted to do this review of the pieces that I’ve owned for 2-5 months and that I've been regularly wearing so that you can get a real, honest opinion. This review is totally my personal opinion. I purchased all these pieces with my own money (and a couple pieces were gifted from family, who purchased them at regular price).

I store all my pieces in their little dust-bags or in a jewellery box when I’m not wearing them. I don’t wear them if I’m doing any sweaty physical activity and I don’t wear them in the shower - so they have never gotten wet (aside from the ring that I own - which has been exposed to water).

Dome Bracelet

Cost: $123 Cad

Material: Gold Vermeil (18 K gold layer on sterling silver)

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/dome-bracelet

This bracelet is a beautiful twist on a normal bangle. I love that it has a clasp opening and closure, so that it’s easy to get on and off. The clasp is a little more intricate than usual. There are two side pieces which you unlatch and then you press down on a button. The dome bracelet does have a domed shape (a little wider and taller on the front of the bracelet, compared to the back). I generally wear this bracelet on it’s own as a stand-out piece. The closure is very secure and it stays put on my thinner wrists.

Leo Necklace

Cost: $101 Cad

Material: Gold Vermeil (18 K gold layer on sterling silver) with White Saphires

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/zodiac-necklace-leo

I purchased this piece during Mejuri’s black friday sale so I believe I got 15-20% off (something around there - I don’t quite remember). I had been lusting after this piece because I love constellations and astrological art, so I was really drawn to getting my zodiac sign. This piece has a longer length chain and a circular pendant that shows the constellation for various zodiac signs (all of them are stocked on the Mejuri site). The stars have tiny little white sapphires on the pendant. I like to wear this piece on top of turtleneck but also layered with the Starburst Necklace (mentioned below).

Starburst Necklace

Cost: $88 Cad

Material: Gold Vermeil (18 K gold layer on sterling silver) with White Saphires

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/starburst-necklace-white-sapphire

I tend to wear the Starburst Necklace with the Satellite Necklace layered. The Starburst necklace has a mid-length chain (it hits between my collar bones) and has a dainty star pendant with a white sapphire in the centre. I think this one is super pretty and it also layers nicely with the Leo Constellation Necklace (mentioned above) since they both have stars in them. This is my oldest piece from Mejuri (I started wearing it 5-6 months ago and I wear it multiple times a week). It has held up beautifully so far.

Satellite Necklace

Cost: $95 Cad

Material: Gold Vermeil (18 K gold layer on sterling silver) with White Saphires

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/satellite-necklace-white-sapphire

This is a great layering necklace to add to your jewellery collection. It’s simple and fits quite closely to the neck (not choker-level, but right at the base of the neck) so it pairs great with pretty much any other length necklace and doesn’t get tangled too badly with other necklaces. It has three sapphires spaced out on the front of the necklace. I love this piece because it’s super simple but it’s not just a plain chain and it’s a little different from my other pendant-style necklaces. I rarely wear this necklace on it’s own and see it mainly as being a layering piece (I got it with the Starburst Necklace and intended to wear them together).

Boyfriend Mini Hoops

Cost: $65 Cad

Material: Gold Vermeil (18 K gold layer on sterling silver)

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/boyfriend-mini-hoops

This is the other item I ordered during their black friday sale. I actually was debating between 2 different pairs of earrings but ended up choosing these ones because of the Instagram photos of people wearing them that are displayed on the Mejuri Website. I preferred the look of these earrings in those photos compared to the other earrings I was looking at. I’m so glad I chose this pair because they are an awesome everyday earring. They are a little more bold than a stud, but aren’t as annoying as a dangly earring (which sometimes bothers me if I’m moving around a lot during the day). They fit closer to the ear and are three-quarters of a hoop and end in a post backing. This is probably my most-worn Mejuri piece because it goes with everything and is a perfect everyday staple.

Pearl Beaded Ring

Cost: $117 Cad

Material: 14 K Solid Yellow Gold, Pearl

Link: https://mejuri.com/shop/products/pearl-beaded-ring-2

This is one of two rings I own and I love that this piece is simple but well thought-out. The pearl in the centre is securely attached and I was drawn to the beaded texture of the band which is a little different than the usual flat or hammered bands that I tend to see in dainty jewellery. As much as I love this piece, I don’t wear it as often than the others because I’m not super into rings, so I don’t wear them on an everyday basis. That being said, I have washed my hands when wearing this piece and I’ve not seen any wear or tear on the ring (but I do make sure to dry my hands and the ring thoroughly after washing so there is no moisture that could ruin it).


So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about my Mejuri pieces. Everything has worn beautifully, the quality has been outstanding especially for such affordable prices on real gold jewellery. Their packaging is also beautiful and there is the feeling of luxury when opening up their pieces. I would highly recommend Mejuri to all my friends and will definitely purchase from them again (although right now, I’m not in the market for any jewellery pieces).

Have you tried Mejuri? What are your thoughts?



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