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Making Comfy Cute

Honestly, staying home means comfy clothes for me. But at the same time, I still want to feel a bit more "put together" than throwing on a clean set of pajamas every day. So here's a cute (but mostly comfy) outfit that is perfect for staying at home.

I feel like getting dressed really helps me to be more productive throughout my day. This skirt is perfect because it's a super stretchy knit material. It's essentially a tube of stretchy fabric. Which is honestly all I want when I'm staying home. To pair with it, I chose a cropped boxy sweater which contrasts the tight fit of the skirt.

In terms of shoes (as if I'm actually wearing this out, lol) I chose my black suede sock boots. They go with everything and I think it helps to dress up the look a little bit. To dress it down, I would wear my vans.

I've recently started a summer course for my grad program in order to stay on track for graduation. It's a project management course which I'm really excited about since I've been thrown into project management projects previously and I'd love to know where I can improve on in future endeavours. It's all online because of the current world's situation so I think I'll have to adapt my school routine to this new "normal."

Potentially a post to follow about what this new routine looks like and how I've adapted my studying and learning to be online!

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