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Makeup Essentials

I love makeup. There. I said it. I really really love playing with makeup, playing with colours and spending that little extra time in the morning on myself. That being said, I've been trying to simplify my routine and work towards a group of essential makeup products that can work for any situation. I'm realizing that I'd like my makeup to reflect my wardrobe a bit more (ie. be a little more neutral than it has been in the past).

I'm going to go over all the makeup products I have in my stash and maybe this can help you if you're looking to start wearing makeup, or maybe neutralize or simplify from the collection you already have.


This is a Becca eyeshadow palette that is multi-purpose. The eyeshadow colours can be used to highlight, bronze or blush the face but also are great blendable matte shades to wear on the lids. As I'm trying to neutralize my collection, I've worked towards more matte eyeshadows because they look a little more natural.

The only other eyeshadow palette I have is a Charlotte Tilbury quad in "Sophisticate". The lightest shade is nice for all over the lid and then I mix it up when it comes to which brown to blend into the crease: one is a warmer brown, one is grey-toned and the chocolaty brown can be used as a liner or to deepen up the outer crease for a more nighttime look.

I have oily eyelids so I used a Morphe eye primer to keep my shadows locked in place all day. I also have been loving this eyebrow pencil from The Balm for over a year now!

For lashes I've been using the infamous Too faced mascara (not waterproof but honestly it stays all day). I'm not loyal to one particular mascara so whenever I run out, I just pick a new one. I have come back to this Too faced one though, I've probably used up 3 or 4 tubes of it over the years. I also have the Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon in the shade Bronzed Garnet. I only use this as an eyeliner because it dries down too fast on the eyelid to blend out nicely.

Finally, although this isn't necessarily makeup, having a good sharpener is important especially if you have pencil products (like eyeliner or lipliner). I like this Nars one because it has 2 sizes of sharpener holes for different sized products. It's lasted 5 or 6 years so definitely a goodie!

If I ever want to amp up my neutral matte eyeshadows I have this Tarte liquid glittery shadow topper. It's great because the liquid formula means that there is no glitter fallout. This is definitely not a necessary makeup item but it is fun to have!


I really only have a couple of lip products that aren't lip balms because frankly, I don't wear lipstick all too often. I have a Charlotte Tilbury satin-y lipstick which is a "my lips but better" pink shades and then one of the newer Revlon balmy lipsticks in a coral colour.


My secret is to use mini sized travel products instead of purchasing the full size, especially for powder face products. Realistically, I'll never go through a full size before it expires so I may as well save my money and be more mindful of what I can actually use. I also love using bronzers and blushes as eyeshadows to change things up a bit. Here, I have a Fenty bronzer, a Nars Laguna bronzer and blush.

I love a liquid highlighter. I think it comes across a bit more natural and blends into the skin nicer than a powder highlight. My personal favourites are highlighters that you can mix into moisturizer or wear on its own. This Nars one was limited edition (sorry!) but the Becca one is super good too!

Finally, my two full size face products are a pressed powder and a concealer. Honestly this concealer is a little light for me right now but I'm trying to use it regardless (trying not to be wasteful!). Another great concealer is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer (If they have your shade - they did recently come out with a few more but it's still not that great). I don't mind pressed or loose powders but this Charlotte Tilbury one really is as blurring as they say it is online (although I've heard some negative reviews saying the product doesn't last long).

And that's everything! Whew! What do you keep in your makeup stash?! And let me know if you have any little makeup secrets that are amazing!

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