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Makeup Anti-haul - January 2021

I've seen anti-hauls floating around on youtube for quite a while now (my favourites are always Jessica Braun's - check out her channel!)

I figured I'd take a peek at the Sephora "new in" page and let you know what I'm anti-hauling. Now a lot (like 90%) of products I genuinely have no interest in (ie. i don't wear foundation so I don't own one or care to own one) so I tried to pick things that I would consider buying and then explain why I'm anti-hauling them.

Charlotte Tilbury

Hollywood Flawless Filter Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

Colour: Aura

$66 CAD

This is a limited edition CT eyeshadow quad. Now let's start with the fact that I love CT products and from the quads that I own: the formula is great and the blendability is essentially foolproof. I feel like no matter what, you're guaranteed a nice eye look with her palettes. While this palette looks equally beautiful, none of the colours are revolutionary and its expensive! I know I already own these shades and it would be really excessive to get a quad of them. So I'll pass on this one and use what I already own.


Blush Cheek Duo-Claudette Collection

$59 CAD

Another limited edition makeup product. I feel like companies are doing this to pressure customers into buying for fear of missing out. Guys, we're not missing out. Let's be honest, the packaging is a little lame (I'm not really into the butterfly silhouettes) and while the shades look fine - am I really wearing blush nowadays?! The answer is absolutely not, so I absolutely do not need a blush that I won't wear.

Fenty Skin

Total Cleans'r Remove-It-All Cleanser

$33 CAD

This one I was actually quite interested in but then I read the product description. IT HAS SCENT. So that's an immediate no-go for my sensitive skin that will probably break out in a rash because of the cherries and coconut scent that's infused in this product. I love the Fenty packaging (purple! So cute!) and it's nice that it's both a makeup-remover and cleanser but I know my skin won't like it. Additionally, even if there was no scent, then I would be more interested but still refrain from buying because I have 2 cleansers on the go right now and I wouldn't want to add a third to my bathroom because I can't finish all 3 before they expire! I know sometimes people don't follow expiry dates on products... but I'll tell ya, my skin knows when something expires and freaks out, so I don't really have a choice.

IT Cosmetics

Pillow Lips Solid Serum Lip Gloss

$38 CAD

Okay is it just me or is this really expensive for a lip gloss?! Like it's around 2 grams of product and almost $40. I feel like it would run out super quick! Based on the product description, it seems like there's nice skincare in it and it has super great reviews! So I bet it's a good product but I already have lip glosses and coloured lip balms, so I really don't need another, especially not for that price.

So those are 4 new-in products that are enticing but won't be added to my collection! One way I stay really intentional and curated in my makeup collection is that I allow a very limited amount of space for it. I have a cup that holds brushes and then one drawer that measures 8L x 5W x 3H inches to fit all my makeup. So it's small! And that has to hold everything! If it won't fit in my drawer, I don't get it. Limiting the amount of space allocated to a category of items is a really great way to keep a "collection" curated. It would be the same for a wardrobe: a limited space, or limited amount of hangers forces intentionality!

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