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Living Simply: Refocussing Energy

I heard something I really needed to hear last Sunday, and so I figured I would share it so it can *hopefully* help to ease your mind somewhat.

The world is stressful right now in so many different ways. And I think no matter what, everyone is somewhat affected by whats been going on. Even though on the outside I’m so “not stressed” and “I’m fine,” I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions like confusion, stress, fear, etc. What I needed to hear most was to re-adjust my perspective (like we do every year when the new year starts as January rolls around). Re-adjust from looking at all the “bad” and placing my focus and energy on what is good and what truly matters.

All these daily worries are - just that - temporalities. I know I can get through a bad day. So why am I so deeply focussing on the bad that lets my emotions spiral out of control?

Refocus. It’s hard to change a mindset when it becomes the norm. But refocussing in times like this is necessary. It’s about being adaptable, flexible and positive when faced with the choice to pursue the negatives. So in the next few weeks, I’m going to actively try to refocus my time and energy on the positive things in my life. Here are some of the things I’m working on right now:

How are you doing?! Are you also trying to refocus your energy? If you have any suggestions or ideas, definitely leave them in the comments below! I think seeing the amount of community on digital platforms right now is another blessing we’ve been exposed to during this time!

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