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Living Simply: Embracing Simple

A few years ago I would’ve never worn this outfit because it’s simple. I used to formulate every outfit around a statement piece and most of my wardrobe consisted of pattern and colour. But to be honest, at this point all I want is simple clothes. I’d rather not think too much about what “goes” with what and if the outfit is “over” or “under” dressed for the occasion. I’d rather spend my time thinking about more important things in life.

Embracing simple is going to be one of my big goals for this year. But I’m taking it little by little so that it’s not overwhelming. Here are some things I want to simplify:

My Makeup Routine

I’ve been giving neutrals a trial run lately and keeping my makeup really minimal. And so far i’m liking it! It’s actually made getting ready easier since all the products I use are easy to blend and not too complicated. If you want to see what I have in my makeup stash click: here.

My Wardrobe

I’m keeping it simple with solid colours, lot’s of neutrals and very versatile cuts and styles. One major thing is that I’m also trying to eliminate uncomfortable shoes or shoes that don’t “go” with everything in my wardrobe.


I don't know why I think cooking has to be this super overcomplicated thing with 50 billion ingredients (only a slight exaggeration there). I’ve been trying to test new recipes while keeping the ingredient list manageable and simplifying the steps if possible! I’ve also started to look into what the ingredients are within pre-packaged foods and making healthier alternatives from scratch (specifically mashed potatoes and guacamole! - both are really easy to make from home and eliminates the weird preservatives that the in-store stuff has) If you guys are interested in easy (and i mean REALLY EASY) recipe walk-throughs on the blog, please do let me know!

My Home

Mostly in terms of decor and random stuff. I have a lot of photo frames and weird little trinkets I've accumulated that just gather dust around the house! I’m hoping to gradually declutter some of those things and keep my space cleaner that way.

On another note, this denim skirt is super cute but it rides up when I walk - not to the point where its un-wearable but it is a little annoying. I thought pairing a belt with it might help the situation but alas…nope! I love the look of denim skirts but I’ve never found my perfect one. Do you have any recommendations?

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