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Living Simply: Confidence & Comfort

I’ve worn this denim skirt quite a few times this season and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll be leaving my wardrobe.

Obviously, in theory it works well in my considerate closet: it’s a basic that works with a bunch of different outfits. However, I just don’t feel my most comfortable self when I wear it. It’s a bit too short and a bit too tight for me to move around freely - so while it is a cute basic - it just doesn’t work for me.

Comfort in clothing isn’t always about the way something fits. Sometimes it’s also about the way the item makes you feel. While using fashion is a great way to try new things and step outside your comfort zone, there comes a point where you need to decide if there’s a comfort boundary you don’t want to cross. For me, this skirt crossed that boundary.

I don’t want my capsule wardrobe to become a negative experience where I keep items I don’t enjoy wearing simply because it’s the most sustainable thing to do. Sustainability-wise, I should wear this skirt until it’s no longer wearable - however that isn’t sustainable in terms of my joy and comfort. Curating a practical closet means weighing out a variety of factors that are important to you. Whether that be sustainability, practicality, trendiness or just having multiple options available. That list of factors is entirely unique to you and is representative of how you want or need your wardrobe to function.

I also want to mention that it’s normal for your thoughts or feelings to change. At one point in time, I really enjoyed wearing this skirt but gradually my comfort level changed. It’s not bad to have an ever-evolving wardrobe - in fact it’s necessary. As people, we’re also always changing, learning and adapting so it’s normal for our surroundings (including our clothes) to reflect that.

I hope you’re all staying safe!

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