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Linen and Straw

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I feel like certain materials just scream summer. Cue the linen and wicker trends. I’m glad linen was super on trend this year because it’s such a great quality fabric that is actually practical in the summer heat. Being able to find high quality linen pieces that fit at the thrift store is pretty challenging, so it’s nice to know I can pick up some basics at high quality stores.

This linen dress was a semi-recent purchase from Aritzia’s summer sale. And it’s totally worth it. I’ve worn it and washed it many times and it shows no sign of wear. I’ve even spilt iced coffee all down the front and it came out no problem!

It’s a flattering wrap silhouette and a neutral colour that I can wear for plenty of years to come. Basically, what I’m saying is that I found the perfect summer dress and I’m so happy about it!

For the accessories, I went with black in order to break up the lightness of the outfit. The shoes I’ve actually retired because my toe poked a hole in them since they were a really soft suede but I’ve replaced them with a very similar pair since black flats are such a staple for me.

This purse was an awesome consignment store purchase. It’s Rebecca Minkoff: High quality, black with black hardware and I love the “camera bag” square shape.

Speaking of accessories, this hat is a super cute little wicker-straw number. My only problem is that I have a tiny head and this hat is a tad too big. It’s fine on a normal day but if there is a gust of wind - you’ll be seeing my hat flying. I’m wondering if any of you have any recommendations for small head hats that aren’t too expensive! I’m thinking of a wool one for the fall in a beige or light brown colour.

How is your summer going?

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