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Lightening things up

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Covid-19 has thrown the world through quite a loop and while it’s so important to keep this pandemic under control, it’s also important that we stay calm, collected and make the best of these tough times of immense change.

So, let’s lighten things up a bit.

I was thinking of what I love to watch and read so that hopefully I can put out content that lightens things up and entertains you during this time of social distancing. One amazing benefit of technology is that while we may not be milling around doing our normal routines, we can all still be connected. My favourite content is style related and I love seeing people walk through different items in their wardrobe (whether that be for a haul, a declutter, a capsule wardrobe challenge, etc.)

So today, I’m presenting you with my more recent thrift finds (accumulated over the last month of two) for your viewing pleasure.

Reformation denim

I know guys, this is crazy: but these were $9.99 at Value Village. I snagged them mostly because Reformation is iconic in the sustainable fashion world and has managed to carve itself a spot in mainstream fashion too. They’re a higher end brand with denim ranging from $138-208 (CAD).

These particular ones are most similar to the Charlie Straight Seamed Jean although I believe this pair is a different version because the bottoms are distressed and the seaming goes down the front and back of the legs.

I’m going to do a more in-depth review of these jeans (coming soon) so you know my thoughts on fit, quality, style, price, etc.

Babaton 1-01 Trench

I’ve been on the hunt for a trench coat for ages. Like forever. I really wanted a brown-toned one that didn’t look like the classic “workwear” trench since I do plan to wear it more casually. I wanted it to be versatile, easy to style and practical. I found this one at a Buy-and-Sell thrift store (Plato’s Closet) and I love it. It’s almost a wind-breaker material so it feels a lot more casual and because it’s so lightweight I can layer lots underneath. The colour is also perfect: a warm-toned medium brown that I won’t worry too much about staining.

Babaton Cardigan

I’ve been somewhat struggling with styling tank tops. I have quite a few (probably too many) and I just don’t get any wear out of them aside from in the summer months. My goal is to get my wardrobe to be more year-round in nature so I picked up this cardigan in the hopes that I can throw this on over a tank top and start working towards that goal. How do you style tanks in the cooler months?! Any other suggestions aside from a cardigan?

Hope you're all staying safe!

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