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Let's Talk Loungewear

I'm not a loungewear kind of person normally. As crazy as it sounds, back when I was living my regularly scheduled life, I either wore my pjs or wore the clothes/outfit I was wearing for the day. Loungewear just wasn't in my vocabulary. That being said, obviously with restrictions in place and lockdowns becoming the norm - loungewear has become a category that felt necessary in my wardrobe. Since it is a more recent development, I figured I'd share with you what I have in my loungewear "capsule."

First, I have 2 sweat sets: one mauve-pink (the pants are in the picture above) and then the all black ensemble you'll see further down in this post! The pink one was intended as a set, but the black one are separates that I wear together. Alongside those sets, my most important loungewear item are my Lululemon leggings.

Now, Lululemon leggings are pricy. Over-pricy if you ask me... but honestly I spent years buying leggings from aerie, old navy, h&m and they all fell apart (usually around the one year mark). I wear my leggings as pjs, loungewear, athletic-wear and even sometimes as part of a casual outfit. So I'm wearing leggings at least 5 times a week, I'm washing them every week - they definitely get some wear and tear!

But these Lululemon leggings have lasted remarkable well. Like so well that I think they're almost worth the price. I say almost purely because it's only worth it if you find the right fabric and fit that you're looking for. I know a lot of people rave about the Align tights but they're made from a softer material that 1. pills easier and 2. attracts pet fur like crazy. When I purchased my leggings over a year ago, I asked the sales associate some options that worked better for my lifestyle and while I wish I could remember the name of the fabric she recommended (and that I bought) I just don't at the moment! Once things open up, I'll go back in store and ask about it again - but just keep that in mind! If you're splashing out money on leggings they better be perfect!

Lululemon legging ramble over... but I'll definitely do a "best of Lululemon" post once I figure out the material I purchased! In any case, my loungewear drawer is now robust: 2 sweat sets and my leggings. In terms of tops I just wear various t-shirts or long sleeve shirts - I don't necessarily have dedicated loungewear tops. How's your loungewear section doing? Has it been gradually increasing in size in 2020?

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