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Capsule Wardrobe: Being Picky

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

One thing that my 2019 no-buy has taught me so far is to be picky with my wardrobe. Although I was trying to be minimal with what I added in, and eco-conscious, I still managed to succumb to finding good deals at the thrift store and bringing in more than I needed. After a handful of wears, I would re-donate the item because it wasn’t quite right. But I didn’t think about it thoroughly because I would find more secondhand goodies to bring in. It was a cycle.

Wearing my favourite purse, favourite cardigan and favourite scarf!

Since starting this no-buy, I’ve had to face the consequences of that cycle. I have a lot of thrifted pieces that are close to perfect but not quite. Whereas the items that I bought in-store and that may have been a little pricey initially are exactly what I wanted (because those are the purchases that I think about for longer and really consider before taking the plunge).

Because I'm re-wearing all my pieces over and over again, I’ve been getting picky. Why wear something that’s not my favourite and doesn’t have the novelty of being new-to-me? So I’ve been leaning towards my favourites, my tried-and-trues and leaving the rest behind. Which means a big ‘ole declutter is coming soon.

I’m kind of nervous to declutter during my no-buy because it means I’m dwindling down my already few options. But at the same time, I know I’m not satisfied with those items and I don’t feel good wearing them. I need to be honest with myself, face the consequences of my spontaneous thrifted additions and declutter what doesn’t work. Even if that means having a smaller wardrobe and even less options.

The next step in this process will be to learn how to be content with what remains and re-work what I’ve got. Although I’m sure I’ll have a little Wishlist of items brewing in my head, I’m sticking to this no-buy and if those items are still in my head in a few months, maybe they’ll be added into the wardrobe.

I've been loving changing up my outfits with jewellery. This Mejuri piece makes every outfit twinkle!

Although I'm facing the truth of my wardrobe, I think this will contribute to honing into my personal style more acutely and be a good thing in the long run. At this point though, it feels a bit disappointing, a bit frustrating and quite a lot wasteful.



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