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Keys to an interesting closet

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

You don’t need to wear bold colours to keep your closet interesting (although that is an option if you’d like!). To create visual interest within your considerate closet, all you need is variety. You can get this variety in various ways which I’ll go over throughout this post.

The most obvious element you can play with in your wardrobe is colour. If you’re into the whole capsule closet thing or just having a minimal wardrobe, you’ve probably created a colour palette for yourself.

You can play with bold, vibrant shades or neutral ones! Do whatever colours you love and have fun with it! When I was transitioning out of wearing solely black, I started by adding in some cognac browns, tans, and whites. That, for me, was creating pops of “colour” (albeit neutral) within my wardrobe.

Start by injecting one colour that you love the look of but may not be part of your wardrobe yet. It could be in the form of a scarf, a t-shirt or even a pair of shoes.

Different textures are another thing you can play around with in order to create variety. While a t-shirt and jeans are a classic combo they can get a little boring since its cotton on cotton. Think about switching it up with a silky blouse or a linen shirt and then pair it with woven leather sandals or velvet sneakers. Adding pops of different textures can add interest even in a monochromatic look!

Playing with different silhouettes can be a lot of fun for you and also creates a lot of visual interest within an outfit. Think about balancing out volumes: a fitted top + flowy skirt, boxy top + skinny jeans, chunky sweater+ mini skirt. By changing the volumes and silhouettes within one outfit you’ll be creating unique looks that aren’t boring.

I think the easiest way to add some interest is by including accessories in your looks. You have so many options and can pick whatever accessory you love the most: maybe it’s a textured handbag, a brightly coloured shoe, a coloured scarf tied in your hair or a pair of statement earrings. All of these things can elevate your look. I love accessorizing really “basic” outfits like a black tee and jeans and transforming them with a cute scarf, a handbag and some hoop earrings. While the outfit is simple, the accessories bring everything together and makes it more personal to your style.

How do you like creating your outfits? What’s your favourite way to create an interesting and fun outfit?

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