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Keeping it Neutral

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This season I've been loving blacks and different tones of browns: cognac, camel and beige. I honestly think that keeping everything neutral has allowed me to relax a bit in my wardrobe: I don't have to think about what goes together and overall I'm usually happy with the outfits that emerge.

Keeping everything neutral-coloured has also helped me avoid purchasing trend pieces that aren't going to last in my wardrobe. It's obvious that bright colours and patterns come and go because those items are always in the end-of-season sales.

I've also recently noticed that I'm gravitating towards selling or donating items that are "inconvenient" functionality-wise in my wardrobe. By this I mean items that are cat-hair magnets and that need constant lint-rolling. Those items are just more bothersome than anything and I end up not wearing them since they are more high-maintenance.

I've also recently (as in since January) started tracking my wear-counts for items in my closet as well. I think at the end of each season, if I haven't worn something that would've been seasonally appropriate, I know I can declutter those items. Right now I feel like my closet is a little "plump" in the bottoms and tank-top departments so those are areas that I hope to narrow down throughout the year.

What are your current wardrobe favourites and areas for improvement?

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