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KaseMe Review: Phone Case

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

FIY: This post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links. I purchased this case with my own money and all opinions are my own.

I left my phone case-less for the first year I had it because I was adamant that I didn’t want to waste my money (or resources) on a cheap, breakable phone case that I didn’t even like the look of. I also don’t have a standard apple phone, which made it harder to find cute (and affordable) cases.

I found KaseMe through a Google search when I got tired of having my phone be in peril 24-7.

KaseMe Designs is a Canadian company based in Montreal. They have a good curation of prints for all types of people and their cases are high quality.

On their FAQ page it says they don’t offer returns, but if your product is defective they will exchange it immediately. They also say if you accidentally order the wrong thing, you can do an exchange.

I ordered the Flos tough case which is a case that has a rubber silicone portion that hugs your phone and then a hard plastic glossy-finish case that slides on top. The print I chose is a super cheery yellow with flowers all over that remind me of Rifle Paper Co. patterning. I absolutely love the pattern and was glad I could finally find a cute case for my non-Apple product!

They offer sales that range from 15-30% off depending on the occasion (back-to-school, black Friday, boxing day, etc.) which helps take down the steeper price point. Cases start from around $30 per case and can go up to around $45 depending on what you choose. That is a little pricey for a phone case but I use it everyday and it brings me a lot of joy... so for those reasons I think its worth it.

The packaging was also nicely compact, completely recyclable and they added in a little discount if I wanted to make another purchase within that month (which I didn’t, but its the thought that counts). The case itself also comes in a luxe velvet drawstring pouch which I thought was a little wasteful at first, but then decided to use it to protect my sunglasses. Repurposing the pouch meant I avoided buying a sunglasses case which also saved me money.

Overall, I’m super pleased with my KaseMe purchase. I highly recommend their phone case if you’re in the market for one and want to support a Canadian business. I’d be interested in trying out their laptop skins in the future, but I haven’t bit the bullet on that one yet. Let me know if you’ve tried them!

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