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KaseMe Review: Laptop Skin

FIY: This post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links. I used store credit received from referring friends (who ended up purchasing from the website) in order to get this laptop skin!

KaseMe is a Montreal-based Canadian brand that makes and sells phone cases, laptop skins and a few other tech accessories. Their patterns are cute and they have a wide range of styles that’ll likely work for anybody’s aesthetic preferences.

I purchased a phone case from them in the past and wrote a whole blog post about it: here. I was really pleased with the quality of the case and was interested in trying out their laptop skin. So I took the plunge and ordered the Tricolor laptop skin for my old 13” laptop. Keep in mind, their laptop skins are only made for Apple products (their phone cases, however, work for many different brands).

These laptop skins fall in the $30 range and when I ordered, shipping was free (but that’s not always the case). KaseMe also does have sales ranging from 10%-25% for back to school, black Friday, etc. so if you want to same some money I'd suggest waiting until a sale time (they usually announce it on Instagram or if you sign up for their emails).

It did take a little longer to receive my order in the mail due to the global situation in May, but KaseMe was incredibly up-front about delays and sent a couple of emails notifying me of how much delay to expect.

When I received this product the packaging was all recyclable, which is amazing. It came in a paper folder with an instruction sheet explaining how to adhere the laptop skin to my computer. If you’re not into the paper instructions, they also have a video detailing the process: here.

Honestly, putting on the skin is incredibly easy and took me less than 5 minutes. It’s not on perfectly, mostly because my computer is rough around the edges (quite literally, a couple of the edges are dented) which meant it wasn’t ever going to look perfect. The skin is just an adhesive sticker that attaches to the top of the laptop. It’s a thicker, almost plastic feeling sticker - so it doesn’t actually protect the laptop at all - it’s purely aesthetic. The thicker quality also means that placing it on the laptop is easy since the sticker isn't collapsing or adhering to itself.

The pattern I chose is cute (in my opinion)! It’s an abstracted leaf pattern on a mint background. The leaves have a few different shades of green and pink and I find that overall, it’s really cheery (and not too girly!).

Once again I’m pleased with my KaseMe purchase. That being said, I think the phone case is more worth it, since it actually does protect my phone. While I love that this laptop skin injects a bit of my personality into my tech, I think the “safety” of my phone takes priority. So if you're unsure what you’d like to order first, I’d say go for the phone case!

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