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Is It Still Worth It?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I thought I would reflect on some ethical or locally made items I’ve bought in the last year and talk about whether or not I still think they’re worth it. Are they in constant rotation in my closet? Is the cost-per-wear almost nil? Are they easy to style? Let’s dive into it:

The Everlane Cheeky Jean

Guys- this one was a home run. A touchdown. A true score. These jeans never fail me because they tick all the boxes: comfy, flattering, easy to style, season-less, compliment magnets. These jeans are THE jeans.

You can read my post reviewing them here, but to sum it up - they are a thick cotton with a teensy bit of stretch. High waisted, slim-straight leg, a great lighter wash that works well regardless of the season.

Before I chopped off the hem of these everlane jeans, I cuffed them.

Foolproof outfit #1: chunky knit, these jeans, black booties and a wool coat. Maybe layer on a necklace or throw on some hoop earrings to feel a little fancy.

Foolproof outfit #2: White tee, these jeans, sneakers, wicker bag and a loose outerwear piece.

These jeans are totally worth the money in my opinion and I’m so glad I got them. Would love to get them in white as well but alas, my size in the colour Bone hasn’t been in stock every time I check Everlane. I also ordered these in the washed black (aka grey) colour and they’re equally awesome. On both pairs I chopped the hem to make it more of an ankle-grazer and to have that raw hem.

Eve Gravel Duster

I spy the everlane jeans again ;)

Another item I reviewed on the blog, here. This duster is totally “cool” girl vibes. And I just don’t think I'm that girl most of the time. It’s super comfy but I think what throws me off is the colour. It’s a sort of brown with a yellow tint and I just find that if I wear all black under it, it looks super dark but I also don’t own that much white or cream so I don’t really know how to lighten it up. And I find that the colour and fit really don’t work well with what I already have in my wardrobe.

For the cost of the item - I haven’t gotten enough wear out of it. Maybe I need to be more creative in styling it. Any outfit ideas? Please help!

Outfit #1: Normally, I would wear this duster with my mid-wash skinny jeans and either a black or white T with booties. This outfit is comfy and casual but to me, it feels a tad boring.

Outfit #2: I want to style this duster with a skirt and potentially a hat but I haven’t actually ever worn it like this.

Dagg & Stacey Black Cotton Dress

This one never got reviewed here on the blog but I did wear it and there’s a photo in this post here.

This dress is a babydoll style cotton gauzy black dress that is made here in Toronto! I got in on sale from a boutique in Hamilton called White Elephant. Now this dress is made from a beautiful, high-end material and it feels so nice on. Due to the cut of the dress, it does lean on the more casual side because of the loosey-goosey-ness.

Unfortunately, this means I mostly wear this dress as home loungewear (silly, I know!). While in theory I love this dress: button-front, black, comfy. In practice it’s not entirely good for my lifestyle: the v-neck is pretty deep (and since I’m always moving at work, this isn’t so convenient) and it really is casual-looking. It would be a stretch to dress this dress up.

As loungewear? A total winner. In the summer I wear it atleast a few times a week. As “outside the house clothes” maybe I wear it once every 3 months (so… not great).

I’m kind of conflicted. It’s a beautifully made dress but I don’t wear it often enough (and I’m not at the stage in life where I want to buy luxury loungewear).

Another important thing to note - as a petite person I can say I won’t be shopping from his brand again because this dress is the smallest size available and I had to shrink it in the dryer before it looked the right amount of oversized. So it is not cut to fit someone who is on the smaller size spectrum and smaller height spectrum.

There you have it. I guess Everlane seems to have been the only brand with a home-run item for me so far! I’ll definitely order from them again and maybe do another review to see how their other items do for me!

If you're interested in trying Everlane, you can use my referral link here and that means I would get a $25 store credit to use towards a future purchase. Anyone can have a referral link: you get one automatically after you make an order and create an account with them.

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