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Intentionality & The Holidays

Something that has irked me this season is the fact that I've gotten countless marketing emails and seen so many instagram ads that are kind of "selling" this idea of FOMO (fear of missing out) and that we need to rush to buy products for gift-giving because of ongoing supply issues. I definitely believe there are supply issues going on but I don't think every single brand is having the same issue or same level of the issue - I think this is partially a bunch of brands hopping on board trying to vie for consumer attention. And what is intriguing (or worrying) is that a lot of smaller brands that claim they're "ethical" & "sustainable" & different from big box stores are doing the same thing. As much as it may be true - that they are equally struggling with demand - it kind of makes me question why they believe using fear marketing is a good strategy for their consumer-base or target population.

With all the supply issues and craziness that's been going on with the world, I feel like my consumer reaction has been to pare down and avoid extravagant gift-giving. Not that I was a crazy gifter before, but you know... This whole fear-marketing mentality also made me not step foot in a mall this holiday season. I haven't wanted to deal with crowds, with pressure or with stress that brands are trying to "sell" me in order to coerce me into buying products NOW. I guess the whole situation made me see a another side of consumerism that is just... eeek. This fear strategy is targeting natural human vulnerability and tapping into the scarcity mindset. I feel like brands are stooping really low when people are already struggling to cope with the difficulties in our everyday lives.

Now, I'm not pretending that I didn't purchase any gifts this year or that I am a huge Scrooge and am anti holiday fun. I'm just saying that most of the brands that have advertised to me in this fear-pressure (like peer pressure... but with fear!) way, I've consciously decided to unsubscribe and not shop from them this holiday season. I don't need that extra negativity in my life! I'm kind of disappointed that even smaller brands that seemingly align with my values have ended up going down this marketing route. As much as supply issues may be happening, I still don't think fear-pressure is the way to go.

Have you been hyper aware of this marketing strategy like I am?! Am I overreacting - do you think these brands are simply being honest about supply and demand? Let me know what you think!

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