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Intentionality & Capsule Wardrobes

The recent pandemic and self-isolation period had me thinking about my needs VS wants and what I truly use on the daily. From makeup, to skincare, to items in my pantry - I really got a taste of what is actually important to me in my day to day life.

In terms of my wardrobe it meant a lot of decluttering. Not only did I have plenty of time on my hands and no actual excuses; I had new insights into what I actually wore. So I delved into the depths of my Pinterest closet board and Instagram saved images and made a list that looked kind of like this:

I went through every outfit I loved and jotted down on a list the what colour, fabric and overall shape the garments were. Then, I wrote down my specifics. This will be my eventually "want" list or reference list while I'm thrifting in the future. I'll keep this on my phone and cross out what I already have.

For example, on this list, I already own mom jeans, a black camera crossbody purse, a wool menswear coat and a chunky knit neutral sweater. So, those items can be immediately crossed off and they're definite keepers in my wardrobe because I love outfits that incorporate them.

Doing this activity really helped to create an intentional "shopping list" that I can reference when I'm out and about. That being said, it doesn't mean I'm rushing out to buy all these things all at once. No way! I'm planning on setting aside $20 month for a thrift fund.

Once I do go thrifting, I'll only be spending the money I saved up and I'll only be purchasing items from my list. That way, everything that I purchase is working towards my ideal capsule wardrobe. But there's no rush! That's the fun of thrifting and building a capsule: its a gradual shift, it takes time and it's intentional.

How are you moving towards intentionality in your own wardrobe? Does it mean building a capsule, decluttering or making specific lists? Let me know!!

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