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How to Style Wide Leg Cropped Pants

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Don’t these pants just scream summertime? I love how happy and fun they are! That being said, they are quite the statement item and not the easiest things to style, but let me walk you through my thought process on how to style (brightly) coloured wide leg pants.

Pick a good fit

Now this is not necessarily part of styling but when choosing a pair of wide leg pants, be mindful of the fit and cut. I chose a high waisted (which helps elongate the body) option and made sure the crop hits at a nice spot on my leg (and feel free to hem or roll them if you need to alter the length)

Shoes: option 1- lengthening

Since the cropped leg on a short girl like me has the potential of cutting me off and making me look even shorter, I try to pick shoes that’ll be lengthening. There’s a couple of options: nude coloured, flats with a v-shape cut or even just pointy toed boots. all of those option will help visually elongate your legs (and if you’re on the petite side like me - that’s sometimes nice)

Shoes: option 2 - casual

The other option if you don’t care are lengthening the legs is to stick with a comfy casual look. Since my pants are a utility style and are made of a stretch cotton, I can choose to pair it with very casual shoes like these tennis shoes. These faux-leather white shoes add to the casual cool look and are very practical for walking around all day!


For me personally, I try to balance out the volume of these pants with a more fitted top. To do this, I would choose something that is slim fitted or if I want to wear a boxy or graphic shirt, I’ll do a half-tuck or tie a knot in the bottom of the shirt (to make it tighter around the waist where the shirt and the pants meet).

I also love the look of a crop top with these pants since they are high-waisted. Since a cropped shirt shows a tiny gap of skin, I don’t mind wearing a boxy-er cut because my waist will still be defined since you’ll see that gap between the top and the pants. So, in this case the volume of the top and bottom are cut in the middle which is also a flattering look.


In terms of colours, I'm always a huge fan of neutral basics (I wrote a whole post about basics here) With these yellow pants I’d pair white, navy, black and grey. In this outfit, I mixed colour with colour by pairing these pants with a moss green coloured top. Just because I find that those colours compliment each other - but have fun with it! It would equally be cute with a similarly coloured yellow top (to create a jumpsuit-esque look!).

I hope this helped you think of ways to style wide leg cropped pants! If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!



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