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How to style transitional pieces: the cropped pant

Let’s be real… cropped pants aren’t cold weather friendly. Maybe my ankles are overly sensitive to the cold, or maybe Canada’s cooler weather is no joke - either way, I can’t wear cropped pants in the fall and winter. That being said, I love a cropped look and a lot of my summer pants fall within that category.

The best way I’ve found to transition a cropped pant into cooler weather is to adjust my shoes. The sock boot trend has really helped in this regard because it tends to hit higher on the ankle and the slimmer fit means it’ll fit under baggier or straight leg pants. Not only does this help to keep your ankles warm, but it also helps to balance out the volumes in the outfit to be more flattering and elongating. Elongating the leg isn’t necessary the be-all end-all, but since I’m on the shorter side, I’d rather look taller than shorter.

If elongation is your thing, then you can opt for a sock boot that has a heel. I find that chunkier block heels are really comfy and I feel secure when walking in them because the boot provides support around my ankle.

If you’re prioritizing warmth; consider the materiality of your boot. These suede ones are not match for the rain and are pretty thin so they’re not meant for really cold weather. If it was a colder or rainier day, I would swap them out for a waterproofed leather sock boot and throw on a pair of chunky winter socks for added warmth. I’m a half size in shoes and tend to size up (by half a size) in the wintertime to give more space for warm, thick socks!

I kept the rest of this look really simple! My go-to tight turtleneck tucked in, a pair of sunnies and I did my hair half-up in little mini pony-tails which changes up my regular hairstyle a bit and gives a bit of variety to my wardrobe.

Turtleneck: the Only from Aritzia

Pants: Elizabeth Suzann Clydes in cotton canvas, sadly ES is closing a chapter which you can read about here, read my full review on the Clyde's here (I changed the photos to be more current and accurate, so it is a repeat of this outfit post)

Sunnies: old

Necklace: Mejuri, similar here (I guess mine is sold out!)

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