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How to Style a Sweater Vest

Sweater vests came back in style this past fall seasons and I was... unsure. A lot of the vest I saw were boxy, had pronounced shoulders or looked very oversized. None of those attributes particularly scream my style so I held off and was on the lookout for a thrifted vest that was my cup of tea. Well my cup of tea came and I picked it up for a $3.50 at my local Value Village. I actually scored the exact same Aritzia sweater vest in two different colours: a cool-toned brown and a black version. They're not a model that is current on the Aritzia site, so they must be from a few years ago!

Here is how I style them:

Option #1 is to style the sweater vest like you would style a sweater, but with the added perk that it doesn't bulk up the sleeves when you throw on a layer overtop. Here, I styled it with a blazer in a similar tone. This is especially good if you want the sweater look but it's still too hot out for all the layers! I'm not sure I love this particular blazer on top of this vest, but you get the idea...

Option #2 is my personal favourite. I layer a thin, tight long sleeve top under the sweater vest. With this black sweater vest, I chose an all-black outfit to go along with it, but with the brown vest I may branch out and try a white top under it. I broke up all the black in my outfit with textures: the knit vest, the leather leggings and the embroidered purse strap.

I will say, these sweater vests really do keep you warm. I was sweating even though there were no sleeves!! I'm not sure if sweater vests are here to stay, but I think thrifting a trend is a great way to try something new while not breaking the bank or contributing to all the problems associated with fast fashion.

What do you think of the sweater vest trend?! Is it something you can see yourself trying or are sleeves integral to your coziness?

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