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How To Streamline Your Personal Style

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Personal Style is a topic I've covered a bit in the past (you can check out my other post here, which details what is and what isn't personal style). Today I wanted to give some more specific tips on how to start discovering what your style is. Here are 3 things you can do to figure out what your personal style is and where you want it to go:

Step 1: Wear your clothes

And I mean it. You gotta wear what you own to figure out what you like and dislike. Which items feel most like you and which ones may have been a spontaneous fast-fashion buy that you don’t identify with. Make it a goal to try and wear or style every single item in your closet. As you wear it throughout the day, consider how you feel: comfort-wise and confidence wise. If you hate wearing the item, maybe it’s something that needs to be decluttered soon!

Step 2: Be picky

Once you’ve worn everything in your closet, look at each piece (or try it on again) and assess whether or not you actually enjoy wearing that piece.

Think about how you feel in it in terms of comfort: is it comfortable to wear? Do you feel like yourself when you wear it (this would be your style comfort zone). In my opinion, I think staying within your physical and stylistic comfort zone is a good thing - because that’s what you’ll actually wear. Branching out and trying new things is fun too, but not everything in your wardrobe needs to be new and different!

I keep some garments of clothing for practical reasons. For example, I don’t love my rain jacket, but it serves a necessary purpose when it rains outside.

Another exception for me would be my work’s dress code. Although I prefer denim to trousers, I do have a few trousers that I can wear to work. They’re not my favourites but they’re necessary and in constant rotation in my wardrobe right now.

Step 3: Be even more picky

What—-? Yes! Be even more picky with your clothes once you do end up shopping to fill in the gaps of your newly decluttered wardrobe. I used to always leave the thrift store with a couple of items, but now with my more “picky” mentality, I rarely leave with even one! It’s good to be really picky with what you bring in. In my mind, everything I own should be my favourite. I want a closet full of only my favourite things. Most of the time, what I see in stores don’t make the cut - and that’s okay! You’ll find that perfect item eventually!

If you’re incredibly picky with what you bring in, you’ll start to notice your true personal style emerge. Instead of thinking “I need tops” when shopping, be specific with your list. Instead, I would look at my Pinterest and Insta saved pictures and deduce that I want “a linen-y cream coloured summer top with button details”. This is much more specific and when I do go shopping, I’ll bypass all the visual clutter and look for a specific item that will work well in my wardrobe and has a great chance of being a “favourite”.

That being said, sometimes you try on something and you just feel - WOW. If that happens and that item isn’t on your list, I’d say just snag it. If something makes you feel that special, I think it’s worthy of a spot in your thoughtful closet!



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