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How to Shop for Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

While I try to be intentional about items I bring into my wardrobe, I'm human and I mess up. Sometimes I have to declutter because I made a spontaneous purchase or didn't fully think things through. Here are my tips on how I shop for clothes that I'll actually wear and will stand the test of time in my minimal closet:

Assess your wardrobe

The first step is knowing what you have, what would be nice to have and what are needs. Needs are few and far between normally. A need would be new socks if all yours have holes and are irreparable. But a want would be dark wash denim if you already own a couple other denim bottoms. Figure out your needs and wants by wearing your clothes, making lists and deciding what cuts and styles work best for your lifestyle.

Make a shopping list

This is where your list from the previous section comes in. I separate my needs and wants list and then write down specifics for each item. So for example, I need new socks. The socks I want are: good quality, all-black ankle socks with no branding. And so, that’s what I’ll write on my list and if the item doesn’t check it off completely, I don’t buy it! It’s the same for my wants. If I want a summer dress, I get very specific. I want a: cream or beige coloured summer dress in a linen or light fabric with sleeves and button details.

Stick to your list

My list is specific to the point of ridiculous. But, it keeps me on track and ensures that I curate my wardrobe as I shop. I won’t be settling on “almost there” or “pretty good” items because they won’t tick off what’s on my list. Sometimes it gets frustrating because it’s not quick or easy to find items on my list, however getting a perfect wardrobe is not an overnight process.

Be patient

You’re probably not going to find all the perfect pieces overnight, and that’s okay. Be patient: if that means taking the time to save up for an item that’s perfect or just waiting until you come across a cut and style that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Patience will be vital for you to hold off until the perfect wardrobe addition comes your way.

What are some of your tips to ensure you only add great items to your capsule wardrobe?! Are you trying to be more considerate about what you’re bringing in?

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