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How to Make a Shapeless Dress Flattering

Let's be real. We all love a comfy outfit that basically feels like we got away with wearing PJs out in public. For some people that might be legging, for others its dressing up a sweatshirt. Here's how I make a super comfy shapeless dress into a flattering outfit:

First off, the dress. This one is a mock-neck beige midi dress that's made of a super soft sweatshirt material. One important part of this dress is that it's beige. Picking a neutral, classy colour will help the otherwise ultra-casual material be dressed up or down. Beige, navy and black are my personal favourites. I love grey too but sometimes grey reads too much as quintessential sweats.

Next up: layer. When something is this boxy, it's always good to contrast it with structure. Structure can be in the form of a leather jacket, a denim jacket or a structured purse. Personally, I find it really easy to throw on a layer to not only break up the boxy fit of the dress, but also to add a different texture and tone. Since my dress is very monotone and it's also long sleeve and a midi length, it's important that I don't just become a column of beige.

So I've added structure with outerwear and now I need to consider the shoes. For a dress like this, I could definitely wear some white sneakers and it'll look very casual. But to dress it up more, I would add a heeled boot. The boot gives me some extra height and it also breaks up the monotone colour-way of this outfit.

You can see my thought process when I try to dress up a more casual, shapeless piece. That being said, you don't always need to dress things up or make it more flattering. I would equally wear this dress by itself with sneakers just to be comfy! Not every outfit needs to be fabulous!

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