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How to Keep Repeating Outfits

Outfit repeater? Me too. While repeating outfits means you’re getting tons of wear out of the clothes you own which is amazing, sometimes it can get a little boring. Here are my tips on how to repeat your outfits while still keeping them fresh.

Play with Accessories

Throw on a pair of hoops or switch up your black cross body purse to a summery straw tote. Little things like this can really change (and elevate) your outfit! Another great way to winterize your "summery" basics is to layer on warm-weather accessories like cardigans, scarves and hats.

A belt is also a great way to change the silhouette and look of an outfit. Think about cinching in a shift-style dress at the waist or breaking up a monochromatic black t-shirt and jeans look with a brown belt. This is a great accessory that can totally transform a look! I own two belts: one in black, and one in a creamy nude - which are both neutrals that I can pair with anything in my wardrobe.

Try not to Care

Realistically, people aren’t prioritizing remembering your outfits. Nobody has ever told me they noticed me wearing the same thing twice - and even if they did - it doesn’t matter! The most important thing is that you feel confident and happy!

It’s like when you get a new jumpsuit (let’s say) and want to wear it every day in the next week. Why not? If it makes you happy and it suits every occasion, I don’t see any problem in rocking the same look (unless it’s sweaty summer days… then maybe take a break from the jumpsuit and throw it in the wash).

Switch up your hair or makeup

I love this trick. To make a repeated outfit exciting and new, just change up something in the way you style your hair or makeup. For me, that would be putting the effort into a cool up-do or curling my hair. For makeup, I love adding a pop of colour on my eyes (rather than my usual neutral eye looks) or going a little more smokey than normal. Changing up these little things can change up the mood and feel of your outfit.

And also, guaranteed people will be seeing and looking at your face more than your outfit. I always get compliments when I stray from my normal makeup look and it just goes to show that it’s more noticeable than my outfit.

Change the shoes

I guess this one goes hand-in-hand with switching up your accessories but honestly, shoes can change the vibe of an outfit. Think about it: a feminine skirt with a basic tank can be “edgy & cool” with a pair of white sneakers or “girly” with a pair of dainty ballet flats. The shoes can change it all! So have fun with it and switch up your footwear.

Swap out the Outer Layer

This is another one of my go-to tricks. I’ll wear the exact same outfit and change my denim jacket to a faux-leather jacket or maybe to a comfy longline cardigan - and the entire outfit is transformed. Not only does different outerwear create a different vibe in the look, but they can also help to switch up the silhouette of the outfit (just like belts do!).

I hope these tips and tricks will help you swap out certain elements to keep outfit repeating fun! I would say I wear at least 1-2 repeat outfits a week on average. I just can’t get enough of certain combinations! How often do you repeat your outfits? Any tips on keeping a combo fresh and exciting?

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