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How to Add Interest to a Simple Outfit

Simple doesn’t have to be boring! I feel like my closet is composed of a lot of basic items: t-shirts, denim in classic cuts and I have very little pattern. Most of my outfits are really “boring” or simple and I add interest with either a statement piece or smaller little details that elevate the look. For example, to jazz up a t-shirt and jeans, I’ll layer on necklaces so there’s a little more excitement for an otherwise simple outfit.

On the surface, this is a really basic neutral outfit. But, the small details are what keeps it interesting. The base is a pair of mom jeans and a grey ribbed turtleneck. Very basic, very easy. I like wearing more fitted tops with my mom jeans to balance out the volumes within the outfit.

In the colder months, adding on a coat immediately adds a layer of interest. This coat has lapels that are a contrasting colour, so instead of a simple grey coat, the two tones adds an existing detail and draws attention to my face because the lapels create a sort of frame.

Let’s make this basic outfit more exciting. Instead of a regular knot or a bow, I opted to do more of a specialty knot. Here’s a youtube video that describes how to do it: click here (start at 4:28min). It’s an easy way to add visual interest without buying a different belt or overcomplicating the outfit.

Last but not least, I chose a statement boot. They’re still neutral and easy to wear since they’re a cream colour with a low heal. But what makes these boots fun and different is the lighter colour and the lacing detail. They definitely look like a vintage shoe: some people say it reminds them of old skates, or victorian-era booties. But I love them! Shoes are one of my favourite ways to add a statement to a simple outfit.

So yeah, this outfit is really basic but there are details that make it a little more special. What are some ways that you add interest to your minimal closet, a outfit composed of basics, or your daily uniform?

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