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How To Accessorize: For Beginners

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I have always loved the way people accessorize their looks, and I think jewellery can really elevate an outfit. But honestly, I’m just not that good at it. For a long time I would just go without accessories but I decided to try to incorporate more into my wardrobe especially since pursuing a more simplified and thoughtful closet. Here are my tips for accessorizing as a beginner:

Choose a base

The mixed metals trend looks really awesome, but I just can’t handle all those options. So to keep it simple for myself, I’ve chosen gold as my base metal for all my jewellery. This ensures that all my things (in at least one sense) go somewhat together and won’t look entirely out of place. There are tons of bases to choose from: leather, wood, gold, silver, rosegold, or you can simply choose a colour instead of a material.

Don’t be Afraid to Copy

When you see something that you like or that looks good, do the same! I loved the layering necklace look but I just didn’t know which two to pair together. Simple fix? I just copied what the model was wearing on the Mejuri website. I know the model was styled by an accessorizing queen (or a stylist…) so I trust that it works! Trying out new styles can be hard to get right, so while you’re learning the basics, don’t hesitate to copy what you admire. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, right? (quoting Charles Caleb Colton there: credit, let's just inject some history into all this!)

Pick a Theme

What I mean by this is to choose a colour palette or a theme like you would for a capsule wardrobe. This helps to narrow down the vibes of your look. I have two themes or “categories” that my jewellery falls under: simple and astrological. My simple jewellery is plain, without bells and whistles - which makes it really easy to pair with anything. Simple makes for a good (and easy to match) base. Simple for me means there are very few design details, it’s mainly one colour or there is only one focal point (like a simple pendant necklace).

My “astrological” theme is mainly composed of pieces that include star motifs, constellations, druzzy and natural stones. I really love the look of gemstones because it adds a bit of natural glitter and I think it is a unique way to elevate an outfit. Here, I also have the opportunity to experiment with more colour since you can get beautiful vibrant colours from stones like amethyst, turquoise and different druzzy.

By sticking to 1 or 2 jewellery themes, it ensures that as a beginner accessorizer, I don’t need to think too too much of what looks good together because everything is interchangeable (like a capsule wardrobe!).

Know What you Like

If its not practical, it just won’t happen for me - so I have to ensure my jewellery pieces are things that I will actually wear. I know I like necklaces and earrings because they never get in the way of life for me. On the other hand, when I was in school, bracelets were cumbersome during note taking and rings would get easily ruined in my studio art classes. Those pieces were out of the question for a long time, because they simply didn’t work for my lifestyle! Be honest with yourself and figure out what types of pieces work and which ones don’t. While experimenting, I suggest going for budget-friendly pieces until you know exactly what is practical for your lifestyle.

Since I am an accessorizing novice, I have to keep things simple for myself. If my jewellery collection gets too complicated, I simply opt out - this is the first thing in my wardrobe to hit the road when I’m overwhelmed. I hope these tips helped you ease into accessorizing and leave in the comments below any tips you’ve got!



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