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How I Put Together an Outfit

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I have been so excited to bust out this denim skirt for spring that I just couldn’t wait - so I layered up for the not-so-spring temperatures.

This outfit is really simple and I thought I would let you know my thought process when putting together an outfit.

First things first, I choose a piece that I’m excited to wear. This starts my day out on a positive note of “ooohhh yes, I can’t wait to style this piece”. In this instance, I wanted to style my denim cut-off skirt.

Next up, I look at the weather and my plans for the day to make sure what I’m wearing is realistic. If it’s raining, I need to try to incorporate a waterproof jacket and if I’m going to work, let’s say, I need to think about closed back and closed-toe shoes. So this day was on the slightly chilly side but warm in the sun.

Since I knew I would need to wear tights (since it’s not quite bare-leg season), I also knew I would be wearing black shoes. Generally with tights, I wear black footwear just to elongate the legs since I am on the petite side.

To balance out the black on the bottom, I knew I needed to add a darker colour on top too. So I opted for my Moto jacket (which also provided added warmth). My shirt underneath could've been almost any colour in my mind, but my white tee was in the wash and I wanted a long-sleeve shirt for extra layers. So black long-sleeve it was.

Since I was now almost wearing a monochromatic outfit, I wanted to add a detail that would break up the darkness, so I paired my longer Mejuri necklace on top.

The sunnies were a more practical item that I threw in my bag, and I’m glad I did! I only have 1 pair of sunglasses, so I don’t really see them as a part of my outfit.

And there you have it! That’s how I plan out my outfit. This outfit is more on the simple side but maybe I can walk you through my thought-process on more interesting stylings!

Have a lovely Thursday friends!



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