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Honesty & Making “Minimalism” mistakes

I talk a lot about intentionality and curating a simplified mindset, home, closet, etc. But I think it’s important to acknowledge that it’s an ongoing process and… mistakes happen. Reflecting on myself and my own experiences, I find that I often make “minimalism mistakes” (using minimalism here since it’s a key word, but I like to think of it as intentionality or curation) when I’m highly emotional. And unfortunately, I’ve been having a very emotional year!

I think a part of that is because so much brain space is taken up by different things, or my focus is pulled in a different direction - that I don’t have the same level of capacity to focus on intentionality, patience and creatively problem solving.

So I’ve got to admit, I’ve made more purchases this year and specifically this month. And to a certain extent, I’m a little annoyed at myself for doing that but I’m also trying to give myself grace. Some things definitely got or are getting returned. But some, I’m going to keep. And you know it’s okay to be striving towards intentionality and to have these moments of “one step forward, two steps back” (at least that’s what I’m telling myself - haha).

I think equally, it’s important to recognize the triggers.

One thing for me is that I love gifting to others (it’s one of my love languages) and I found myself wanting to create gift baskets for several loved ones. While this is a nice thing to do, I think I used this as an excuse to shop - since I had a good excuse - it was intended for others as a gift. I still tried to find consumable items to include, zero waste items and DIYed the package - so an aspect of curation was there, for sure. While gifting is nice and the recipients appreciated it, I think it’s also important for me to recognize that shopping or spending wasn’t necessary on this occasion - so why did I do it?

Maybe it’s boredom, the dopamine rush of a purchase or the “feel good” moment of giving a gift. There are so many factors to consider, but I just want to make a point of taking more time to think things through and ask myself “why am I doing this today?”

The other thing I find interesting is that I decluttered some clothing - not because I didn’t wear it or it wasn’t practical - but specifically because it reminded me of sad times or just held a “bad vibe.” Now, practically speaking, this is a silly - since those items served me well, but I think coupled with the heightened emotions of the last 6 month - I just didn’t need those vibes (those clothes) subconsciously weighing on me. I donated them and I ended up purchasing some replacement items. Was this necessary? Logically speaking, no. But emotionally speaking, I think so.

In any case, I hope this ramble also gives you the space to allow yourself some grace in intentionality “mistakes”.

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