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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Happy holidays my friends! As much as I know its a tad wasteful, I'm a gift-giver at heart. I love picking out (or making) gifts and wrapping them up all cute. I try to make sure what I'm choosing to give is a practical, nice quality item that I know the receiver will actually use. Sometimes, I give them an eco-friendly option to encourage them to go green (last year, I bought my mom wool dryer balls and she loves them!).

FIY: This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. This post may contain some affiliate links which means I'll receive a commission or store credit if you make a purchase! Thanks for supporting The Considerate Closet!!

So while it's not the most eco - here's a little gift guide that might give you some inspiration for potential practical, good quality gifts you can give to your loved ones. These gifts are mostly gender neutral (depending on what colour or pattern you choose to purchase) and are available at different price points (depending on your budget).

Cozy Scarf

Scarves can also range in price-point. I bought my sister one a few years ago from White Elephant, a Canadian-made boutique, but this year they haven’t posted anything on their website. I looked elsewhere for Canadian made options and yikes - a $190 price tag just won’t be possible for me. This one from aritzia is simple, sleek and a better price point for me personally, but doesn’t tick the eco and ethical boxes. But, if that’s not your concern, this is a great option and you can find even more cost-effective one’s at other fast-fashion retailers.


I absolutely hate that books are read once (or never) and are dumped at the thrift store! Instead of buying them new, finding used books is better for the environment and your wallet! Thrifted cookbooks are a great gift option. Just make sure your cookbook is geared to your giftee (ie. vegan, gluten free, etc. depending on their diet).

Mat & Nat

This is another item on my wishlist. Designed in Canada and made from recycled bottle to create a vegan faux-leather; Mat & Nat is a beautiful brand. The purse I own from them is high quality and hasn't shown any wear even though it's my everyday bag. Highly recommend, it's definitely worth the price for the quality and unique sleek designs.

Scented Candle

This is another gift where you'll need to know someone's scent preferences but it's a nice gift and you can go as luxe or as budget-friendly as you'd like.

Phone Case

Kaseme is a wonderful Canadian brand with beautiful designs and the quality is spot on. Yes, their phone cases are expensive (especially if you’re comparing it to one’s you can find at the dollar store) BUT it’s worth it. For me personally, my phone model is not popular so no stores carried cases for it - which meant I had to order it online. I went a year without a case - putting it off, but finally found Kaseme, genuinely loved the designs, so I finally took the plunge. I’m so glad I waited until I found a case I actually loved. If you want to save money off your Kaseme purchase, you can use my referral link here.

Hand Cream or Product

Hand cream is always useful during the dry winter and if you know someone's favourite scent or brand - it's a great easy option. Not into hand cream? I know my mom loves when I buy her a replacement of her eye cream: it's a little luxe for a common purchase but is something she loves and uses everyday.

Reusable Mug

My personal favourite is the collapsible Stojo cup. It comes in different colours and sizes and is available at places like Indigo or Well.ca. I love Well.ca and if you want to save some money you can use my coupon code: TheConsiderateCloset at checkout for $10 off a purchase of $40 or more. By using this coupon code, I'll receive some store credit to use towards one of my future purchases!

Reusable Bottle

I use my Swell' water bottle all the time and can vouch for it's leak-proof nature and ability to keep drinks hot or cold. I love it when I know I'll be out for a long period of time and want to keep my drinks at the perfect temperature. There are tons of different sizes and patterns to choose from, so you can pick whichever suits your giftee best!


I'm definitely interested in some Tread by Everlane but haven't taken the plunge because they do retail for $122 cad. These would make a great gift and there are options for men and women in various different colours and combinations (leather + suede, etc.). My personal favourite is "The Trainer" with the gum sole (which I heard is cool and trendy right now).


Mejuri is another Canadian brand that offers luxury jewellery at a decent price. They have lot's of options for items under $100 and the gift wrap is done for you! Beautiful option for anyone who loves jewellery (or has sensitive ears and needs gold or gold plated earrings without breaking the bank).


I actually purchased this exact calendar in September and I've been loving it. It's cute and classic and offers just the right amount of space in each day to write a few notes. It helps that it looks beautiful hanging on the wall even though my assignment due dates are glaring back at me.

Warm Socks

Roots does it best! Another Canadian brand that just knows how to do warm weather options right. I love the look of their cabin socks poking out from Blundstones! Make sure you're checking the material content though: they have identical style socks but one set are 80% cotton (aka. warmer and better quality) while the others are mostly acrylic. Roots socks are great both men and women (basically anyone of any age really!).

Reusable Cotton Pads

These are also a super easy DIY if you’re up to it. I cut up an old pair of flannel PJ bottoms that I couldn’t donate and sewed them into double-lined round cotton pads for myself. I wash them weekly and after a year they are still going strong!

If you're wanting to gift a brand new option, I love that these ones come with a bamboo jar to hold them. And there's this option if you're looking into black-coloured ones for someone who will probably use them to remove makeup (especially for mascara).

Makeup Kit

Want to expose a makeup-lover to all-natural makeup that is actually good? Gift them a kit by Nude by Nature. I swear by their powder foundation but if you're worried about risking purchasing the wrong shade - they have lip kits and eye kits especially created for the holidays.

Wireless Ear Buds

For the music lover or commuter in your life. These can vary in price, I’ve seen options at Indigo, Staples that are around $35 and then the Apple one’s are obviously much more. A lot of my friends have the “knockoff” ones that work perfectly well! So no need to spend a lot!


I remember receiving the cutest bunny slippers for my birthday a few years back and I've worn them ever since! This is a great holiday gift that you can adapt to your budget. Fast fashion retailers like H&M have cute ones, but you can go high quality with brands like UGG.


Velvet scrunchies are gentler on your hair and would make great stocking stuffers or can also be a smaller item that you’re giving to multiple friends in a friend group (so you can break up a pack of scrunchies and then add a makeup product or nailpolish, etc.


This is a great option for a home decor lover or someone who's recently moved out and may be in need of storage. This Ikea basket is only $15 but you can find many in different price ranges at places like Winners, Indigo, etc.

Happy gift giving!

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