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Happy Birthday to the Blog

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The Considerate Closet turns 1! Yay! Happy birthday to my blog baby.

The Considerate Closet started probably 3-4 years ago with just thoughts. I read the books, I read the blogs and I pinned the pictures of a minimal lifestyle. I think at that point I was processing all those things. Since I’ve grown up in a consumerist western society it seems quite “oppositional” to reject everything I grew up with and everything that surrounds me in order to pursue minimalism.

Especially at university. You don't see very many minimalists in school, because stockpiling is handy if your parents offer to buy groceries, hoarding old school supplies (and in my case art supplies) always ends up being used and I kept clothes in my closet that I had since the 8th grade (just in case I wanted to return to my 13 year old self— you know, that could come up).

So university didn't help the situation per se, but thats where it started. The main appeal for me to own less stuff was for the most practical reason: I had less space (1 room) and I didn't want to pack and move things after I graduated that didn't matter to me.

And so the decluttering began: I went through every section of my life and decluttered as much as I could. Everything got donated or sold and it felt really good to have cleared out and to have some extra change in my pocket. One area that didn't get decluttered was the art supplies: the area that hoarding seemed always beneficial because there was always one random time when that weird tool came in handy and I was glad that I kept it. Whether it was a grommeting tool or a spool of lace trim, everything seemed so useful.

After graduating, I was able to let go of some of the “oh so useful” items but some did make their way back to my hometown in the hopes that they are useful in a pinch as well.

Because of the decluttering, moving home was exceptionally easy. It took a couple of car trips (but hey, furniture was involved) and it was done. Unpacking was stress-free as well. So in those regards, decluttering and the minimal mindset really helped me out.

But alas, I moved home and rediscovered the objects that had been buried since highschool. I started back at square one. I was no longer a minimal uni student. I was a recent grad with 22 years of stuff in my childhood bedroom. It felt like quite the step back but I persevered and started to declutter once more. I discovered so much stuff that I didn't remember (and didn't use for the past 4 years). There were books I had read only once, old magazines, dried up art supplies and weird crafts I made at Girl Guide camps. There were boxes from cameras and Nintendo games (as if the boxes held value) and headbands that were so 2001.

So the decluttering began again and I was able to reduce the amount of things I owned by a lot. But my closet was a place that couldn’t seem to be pared down much. I would love to have a 33 item capsule of gloriousness that looks oh so aesthetically pleasing, but the reality is that I don't have a definite lifestyle right now.

For a few months I did a very physical outdoorsy job, then I worked in a couple of different retail locations and then after I got a position part-time at an art gallery. While all these experiences are valuable and fun, they all have very different dress-codes. So I have a mashed up closet of formal, business-casual, ultra-casual and athleisure to suit all these different things that I’m doing temporarily. And now for the next new thing: I’m back at school again!

So I kept all these random “what-if” items of clothing, which probably makes me a really bad aspiring minimalist. Then I started The Considerate Closet, to flex my bad minimalist skills and to have a place to stay accountable.

The Considerate Closet for me is the place where I talk about having less stuff to have room and time for more valuable things. It’s about purchasing consciously (even if it’s not secondhand or ethical - because that’s not always something I can afford). It is about using what you have instead of looking for it elsewhere.

It’s also a place to document some of my favourite things: fashion, thrifting, art. To have fun with clothes and styles and to be creative with combinations.

I’ve always loved reading blogs and I have a lot of fun writing and keeping up with my own blog. This has been a great place for me to vent my feelings, to talk about what’s on my mind (usually style-wise) and to play with editing softwares, cameras and my writing style. It’s been a great creative outlet for me and I’ve loved doing this for the past year.

So happy birthday to the blog and cheers to many more years of blogging!

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