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Frank and Oak: Denim Review

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

FIY: This post is not sponsored and none of the links are affiliate links. I purchased these jeans with my own money and all opinions are my own!

The Overview

Brand: Frank and Oak

Item: The Patti Straight-Leg Jean in Medium Indigo

Size: I ordered it in my usual denim size

Material: 100% cotton

Price: $69.99 CAD on sale (normally $89.50)

Other Colours: They also have the jean in Washed Black and another “Medium Indigo” but which looks like an entirely different shade than the ones I’ve ordered. Comparing the two below: I think the full price ones look like a darker blue than what I’ve got (which are still available on sale too).

Link to the jeans I bought: here

The image on the left are the jeans in "Medium Indigo" that I ordered. The jeans on the right are currently on the website too.

The Details

I've purchased gifts from Frank and Oak before and have always been impressed by the quality of their menswear. I thought I’d give it a go with these straight-leg jeans because I’ve been looking for a pair of light wash “mom jeans” for about 3 years and I thought these would fit the bill.

Frank and Oak is a Canadian brand which was founded in Montreal, QC in 2012. They take a sustainable approach to fashion by working with recycled fibres and using processes that are more water-efficient for their creation of denim. More info: here.

So I’m all in for supporting a Canadian company that seems high quality and that is focussed on sustainable practices. Let’s dive into what I think about the Patti Jean after several wears:

The Pros

1. I love the wash of these jeans. I think they’re the perfect light wash without being too light. I also love that there isn’t any whiskering on the thighs since I don’t want to be drawing attention there.

2. I love styling these jeans! They’ve filled such a void in my wardrobe. They're a laid-back, real denim, light wash jean. I think they look great with silk blouses and a nice belt, but also with a chunky sweater and some sneakers. I’m digging the vibes and can’t wait to wear them more!

3. They are substantial: these are the real deal guys - which means they’re nice and thick (good for colder weather) and since they are 100% cotton they’ll give a little and mould to your body as you wear them.

The Cons

1.These jeans are not cut for my particular body shape. I ordered them in my regular jean size and the waist is about 3 inches too loose (which a belt can fix of course, and I don’t mind the looseness since it means I can eat extra apple pie this autumn). That being said, the hips are REAL tight. Like really real. For the first few days of wear it was tough to sit down in them. As the cotton has relaxed, it’s gotten a lot better - but I just don’t think the Patti jean is cut for my pear-shaped body.

2. I’m not a huge fan of the fading on the back of the jeans. They kind of look like two blotches on the behind, but that being said, I think the fading on the front and near the seams makes the denim look more vintage-y and cool, so it ain’t all bad.

3. I found quite a few loose threads coming from various seams on the pants. I also found clear plastic that had been (maybe accidentally?) sewn on the inside of the pants near the front pocket that kind of looked like packaging that maybe got caught in a machine and then ripped out. That’s a total guess but there’s mysterious clear plastic bits that I had to remove. I’m not worried that they’ll fall apart but it’s kind of disappointing to see flaws in the construction.

In the way I styled them, I rolled up the frayed hem of the jeans because…well… I’m short and they were too long. I honestly like the laid-back rolled-up vibes better than the straight-leg frayed look but I thought I’d let you know that they don’t come rolled, and without the rolling there’s an added 4-5 inches of length. (I’m 5’2” by the way!)

Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase and I’ll be rocking these jeans for a long time. I love the outfits I’ve come up with and how it’s been adding a different vibe to my looks. I think for the price (especially the sale price) - the quality is good. That being said, I wouldn’t order this same cut (the Patti jean) again, simply because it’s not the best for my body shape but I would definitely go in store to try on some of the other fits.

Have you tried Frank and Oak Denim? Let me know your thoughts or other sustainable brands that have got good, substantial denim!

Outfit details:

Linen Button Down: thrifted, similar

Cotton T-shirt: same

Jeans: same

Purse: thrifted, similar

Boots: thrifted, similar

Belt: thrifted, similar

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