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February Wear Count 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

February has flown by, it is a shorter month after all! Nothing spectacular happened in February for me, but it was a good month. It got cold, we had a few crazy snowstorms and the sun finally started to shine more (which I think brings out the joy in people!). Let’s see what I reached for in my closet this month (and if it differs at all from January!)


Most Worn: All my long sleeves and basic T-shirts have been on repeat. I tend to wear a layer under my sweaters so these are on rotation in and out of the laundry hamper. I feel like my tops get a decent amount of wear and I alternate between 10 options.


Most Worn: My grey oversized turtleneck has been getting the most wears because it’s the perfect amount of dressed up and casual and it goes with everything. If I don’t know what to wear, I chose this sweater. My new brown turtleneck is quickly becoming a favourite too because it has the same style as the grey one. I’ve also been wearing my pink anthropology sweater whenever I’m staying in for the day because it’s super cozy.

Least Worn: I wore my cardigans once each and a couple of my sweaters. It’s interesting how when you find a sweater (ie. the grey and brown one) that you love so much, that the others don’t seem necessary anymore. Maybe a closet declutter will ensue…


Most worn: I used my vintage black coach purse on repeat this February. Mainly because I didn’t want to switch up and move the contents of my bag to another one. I like that I’m not too precious with this purse. Although I love it, it was pretty beat up when I bought it, so I have no hesitation taking it out and letting it get used.

Least Worn: I only wore my black tote once but I love this purse for it’s quality, spacious-ness and sleek design. It’s an All-Saints tote that I thrifted and I’m a little bit more precious about it because it’s in really good shape.


Most Worn: My black booties - I don’t even need to keep track to know this. These are my #1 choice most of the time.

Least Worn: My 2-tone coloured booties that I thrifted - I’ve come to realize they are just too narrow for my feet. I tried to wear them a couple more times but they kept hurting so I’m going to try to sell them.


Most Worn: I wore my grey jeans and my cargo pants the most this month mainly because I’ve been wearing them as a sort of “uniform” to work (so I don’t have to think about what to wear). My Everlane jeans are at the bottom of the list but I got them in the last week of February, so I’m sure next month they’ll be in the most-worn category.

Least Worn: My navy trousers got the least amount of wear because I pulled them out at the end of the month as another option to wear to work.


Most Worn: My grey wrap coat has been my first choice when it comes to outerwear this February. It’s fairly warm, and really easy to throw on (since it’s a wrap style). I especially love it if I’m just going out quickly to run errands and won’t be staying in the cold for too long.

Least Worn: The other 25% of the time, I wore my warm parka. This was incredibly handy when the Canadian weather threw us a few snowstorms and I’m glad I have a warmer option for those days.


Most Worn: I've really been loving wearing hoop earrings lately! I just think it adds a bit of fancy to a jeans+turtleneck combo. I’ve also been loving layering necklaces on my turtlenecks to change the look a bit!

Least Worn: Rings… yeah it’s one jewellery item that I don’t wear too much of - but I love the way that it looks and how it adds to an outfit. I’m going to really make an effort to remember to wear rings next month!


By the end of the month I wore 35 number of items total (not including jewellery or accessories), which is 7 less than last month. Sure, February is a shorter month but I think I definitely reached for less variety and more of the same (while changing up my jewellery).



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