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Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

As much as summer felt short, I’m really excited for the fall because I love the cooler weather, the cozy layers and the quintessential autumnal colour palette. This year I’m loving monochromatic neutrals, cropped sweaters layered over dresses and vegan leather pieces like leggings, pants and of course, moto jackets.

Here is what I’ll be including in my fall capsule:

In my summer capsule, I made the mistake of not including enough tops for my sweaty self. So even though the weather is getting colder, and I may be slightly less sweaty - I'm still going to include pretty much double the amount of tops. Most of these pieces are basics in neutral colours which means they'll be easy for layering under sweaters and jackets! I've got two patterned pieces: a dark floral and an abstract "polka dot" paint splotch top. I tried to play around with textures: denim, ribbed cotton, linen, and a jacquard weave.

In terms of sweaters I'm not including too too many because frankly, I suck at maintaining knits. I tend to shrink them in the wash or to ruin them with the de-bobbler machine. So this time, I've kept sweaters to a minimum and two of them are sweatshirt materials which are un-ruinable in my books. 3 of my sweaters are a cropped fit, which I find to be flattering on my body type: I have a long torso and short legs so a cropped sweater helps to elongate my legs.

For bottoms, I kept the same ones as my summer rotation, but removed my skirts and subbed in a pair of sweats (because...working from home) and leather leggings.

The autumnal colour palette truly shines through in my dresses and outerwear this year! Here, you can see the warm cinnamon browns, the rusty reds and cognacs mixed in with some creams and cargo green. I love layering fun outerwear on top of basic tops for an easy outfit! I also included a snippet of my cold weather accessories because here in Canada it will be getting really cold in October!

Shoes, shoes, shoes. My weakness! I love a good pair of boots which you can probably tell from the 9 pairs I included in this capsule. It's a little ridiculous but I also love wearing all of them so... oh well! I have a couple pairs of sneakers but they'll probably get put away nearing the end of September as the weather cools down and the ground gets wet and muddy with leaves. In my boots collection you can probably see that I have some more practical pairs and then some more "fashion" pairs but I find every single one of them comfortable and easy to walk in. (Except my blundstones, I STILL haven't managed to break them in! - if you have any tips please let me know!).

I have 39 clothing pieces altogether in my capsule this year (that number doesn't include the cold weather accessories or any of my shoes). I feel like that's a really fair number that I can do a lot with! I'm really glad I included more tops this time round because I think it'll be more practical, especially in terms of laundry!

Have a super autumnal day! I'm truly getting in the fall spirit!

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