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Fall Favourites 2021

I love reading and watching people's favourites and thought I would share mine here on the blog. These might also give you some gift ideas for the holidays if you're still humming and hawing.


This past season (or maybe it was in summer), I wanted to de-brand my skincare. I started thinking (probably overthinking) about how much I'm looking at branding throughout the day and wanted to simplify. I was looking for amber glass jars that I could use to pour my products into. I really loved how it has reduced the everyday advertising in my life. It has also made my bathroom and side tables look so much more serene!

Amber jars: link, link, link

Decanting silicone funnels: link

Label maker & labels: link


I've also really been loving listening to the Minimalists podcast (on youtube). I really like their array of topics and I also like that they talk about their lives and choices they made without trying to preach or say they've found the "correct" way or the "only" way of doing something. Their work is always really authentic and gives me a lot of food for thought.

Health & Fitness

About a month ago, I started to work out using the (free) Nike Train App. It walks you through workouts and is super beginner friendly. You can also specify how much space you have to work out in, if you have any equipment, etc. I've really been enjoying it and it costs nothing! (Aside from the fact that I needed to get a yoga mat for comfort). If you want to work out and don't love the gym, I think this is a nice option to change things up a bit.


I've also been having lot's of fun with my nails lately. I really struggle with chipping nailpolish and don't want the hassle (or cost) of going to the salon every few months, so I tried press-on nails. I've tried a few different brands and they all seem to be equal in my mind, it's just a matter of finding some style that you like. I did buy some glue too, just for when the occasional fake nail falls off. I love that they don't chip and they stay on for 2-3 weeks (with some maintenance of course).

Hope you enjoyed hearing what I've been enjoying this fall! Drop your favourites in the comments below!

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