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Everlane Review - the Renew Anorak

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

FIY: This post is not sponsored and I purchased the Renew Anorak with my own money. All opinions are my own!

The Renew Anorak

$88 USD


Size: XS

I recently picked up the Everlane Renew Anorak because I didn’t own a rain jacket and I thought this one looked really minimal and unique (not like a traditional rain jacket). I chose to get it in the olive colour, which is a green-ish yellow tone. I’ve been really enjoying it so far and I’ll go over the pros and cons:


This jacket is easy to fold up and pack in a bag for a day-trip or travel. It’s also super breathable material since it’s not made of a rubberized material, like most traditional rain gear.

Water Resistance

I find that it’s been pretty much waterproof (for me), although it doesn’t claim to be. It’s marketed as water-resistant which in my opinion it probably just means that you’ll get a little wet if you’re caught for a long period of time in the middle of a downpour. Most of the time, where I live, it’s just drizzling in the springtime so this jacket should be the perfect amount of water-resistant for me!

Clean Cut

The major thing that I love about this coat is the simple and minimal cut of the piece. It feels fresh, unique and a little special. The colour is a little different than the norm and altogether it’s just a classic with a twist. I’m not a huge fan of traditional rain jackets, which is why I never invested in one before!


The length of the sleeves are a little short, especially since the jacket in general runs large. In my opinion, you can size down since the cut is so loose (but beware if you have long arms). The other thing is that this material does wrinkle so you definitely have to embrace that aspect (you can see the wrinkling in some of the pictures - especially of the back of the jacket).

Another little detail I enjoy are the black accents (the snaps, zippers, etc.) because I think it’s a cute design detail.

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